How to Make Vegan Dog Food: 5 Easy and Wallet-Friendly Homemade Recipes

March 28, 2018

You want to whip up something healthy and special for Fido or Fluffy. How about a homemade vegan dog food recipe?

Here’s how to make vegan dog food that’ll nourish your pup from the inside-out. It’s simple to make and affordable, too!

Vegan dogs can survive and thrive on a vegan diet, just like their humans. Just make sure vegetables are served cooked and pureed to break down its cell walls. This way, your dog can digest the food properly and take in the nutrition. Vegetables, such as legumes, potatoes, squashes, and sweet potatoes must always be fully cooked to be digestible.

Also, dogs cannot process excess salt, so be careful about feeding them too much salt. Remember this whenever you add broth or some of your own leftovers or food to their bowl.

Vegetable Medley for Puppies

This homemade vegetable dog food recipe is relatively simple to make. Plus, the ingredients are easy to get a hold of. Inspired by Care2’s vegan dog food recipe, here’s how to prepare the Vegetable Medley for your pup!

Ingredients you’ll need:

How to prepare:

Place diced carrots, zucchini, and stock in a blender and blend for one minute. Add in the wheat germ, celery, and peanut butter, and continue to blend for one more minute. Afterward, transfer to a pot and heat.

Chickpea Stew

cheap homemade dog food

Source: Dogsaholic

If you’re wondering how to make vegan dog food that’s budget-friendly. This homemade vegan dog food recipe by Dogsaholic doesn’t injure your wallet.

P.S. Make sure to pay close attention to the quantities.

Ingredients you’ll need:

How to prepare:

First, mash the chickpeas in a large bowl until it is super smooth. Take the organic oil and add it to the mix. Mix thoroughly, and while mixing, add the peanut butter and cup of vegetable stock or water.

Make sure the mix is close to the consistency of toothpaste, and check to see if it drips off of the spoon.

Blend it all, and add in the diced carrot, as well as the celery and beet. Let the entire mix blend together for up to 30 minutes.

Afterward, serve to your paw pal. Warm it up to make your vegan dog extra happy!

Easy Crockpot Vegan Dog Food

Want to know how to make vegan dog food that is both easy and inexpensive? Cook it right in the slow cooker. It’s freezer-friendly, too! This vegan dog food recipe has vegetables that you have right on hand.

Ingredients you’ll need:

How to prepare:

Mix in brown rice, kidney beans, carrots, peas, butternut squash, and 4 cups of water into a 6-qt slow cooker.

Cover and leave to cook on low heat for around 5 or 6 hours. Stir as needed, and let cool.

The Ketunpet Fruit and Veggie Melee

Want to get more fruits into your vegan dog’s diet? Try the Ketunpet Fruit and Veggie Melee! This is a spin on Wag The Dog UK’s homemade vegan dog food recipe.

Ingredients you’ll need:

How to prepare:

In a large pot, cook carrots and peas in water. Cover and cook until tender. Afterward, add the banana to the mix. Place the pot mixture into a blender and puree for around 30 seconds. Mix it with a cup of Ketunpet…and you’re done!

You can either serve it immediately or cover and refrigerate for 2-3 days. You can also freeze for up to 3 months. Don’t forget to thaw before feeding to your vegan pooch.

Other combinations you can try:

Hannah’s Vegan Dog Food

Watch High Carb Hannah show you how to make vegan dog food that is nutritionally complete. Your dog will love her homemade dog food recipe and gobble it up in seconds.

This recipe makes 7-8 meals and lasts for 3 or 4 days. You can whip up a batch twice a week.

You can add Taurine, B12, and other supplements to their diet to help keep them healthy.

Ingredients you’ll need:

How to prepare:

Chop up the sweet potatoes. Throw your brown rice and lentils into your instant pot and cook for 30 minutes. Fill the pot with water ¾ of the way up. Blend it until it’s very smooth to help your dog digest the homemade vegan dog food easily.

You can add in some fresh veggies, berries, carrots, or whatever you have in the fridge. (Just make sure that it’s not toxic to them.) In the video, Hannah adds in a cup of frozen berries, a cup of carrots, and 2 cups of chopped romaine.

Every time she makes her pups homemade vegan dog food, she adds in half a cup of ground flaxseed, and half a cup of nutritional yeast, plus 2 tablespoons of Green Mush and a tablespoon of Taurine.

Finally, mix it all up!

Over to You

How to make vegan dog food in seconds? Here’s a trick. Cook a whole bag of brown rice once a week and store leftovers in your fridge. Cook a bag of beans and steam baked potatoes while you’re at it. Whenever you make homemade vegan dog food, you can simply put the beans, brown rice, a sweet potato or peas into their bowl. Warm it up to keep their tails wagging.

You can always add in Ketunpet to their homemade vegan dog food for a wholesome, complete, and balanced meal. It has only plant-based protein and is packed with nutritious superfoods so your vegan dog stays happy and healthy!

Serve their slightly warmed meals with a clean bowl of water. Also, take your dog on daily walks for their intake of Vitamin D.

Some common human foods are toxic to dogs, such as onions, raw garlic, chocolate, raisins, nutmeg, and macadamia nuts. Check out this list of foods by the ASPCA that should remain strictly off of your dog’s bowl.

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How to Make Vegan Dog Food: 5 Easy and Wallet-Friendly Homemade Recipes

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You want to whip up something healthy and special for Fido or Fluffy. How about a homemade vegan dog food recipe?

Here’s how to make vegan dog food that’ll nourish your pup from the inside-out. It’s simple to make and affordable, too!

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