10 Dog Walkers in Brooklyn Your Pup Will Love

April 5, 2018

Are you out for the weekend or spending extra hours at the office?

You feel bad about leaving your best pal. You know how much your dog loves their daily walks. Walking your dog is more than just a means of exercise for them. It stops them from getting bored, socializes them, gives them a breath of fresh air, and is a behavior training opportunity.

Leaving your dog for an extended amount of time alone breaks your heart, and you need dog walkers in Brooklyn who are dependable and conscientious, stat.

Take your pick from any of these dog walking professionals. These dog lovers are high-tech, experienced, and your dog’s next best bud.

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Source: Prospect BArk!

“I’ve been a ProspectBArk customer for 3 years now and they have consistently been so great, professional, reliable and friendly throughout this entire time. I am so happy with my walker, Dan, he is super caring, responsive and responsible. My dog loves going on his walks and gets so excited to see him every day.

I have had in-home boarding services through them (with Dan as well) and again, super professional and reliable. No complaints at all. I would highly recommend ProspectBark to anyone!” – Nicole B.

These dog walkers in Brooklyn are fully bonded, insured, and certified by the American Red Cross in Pet First Aid. They walk your dogs alone or with 1-2 other paw pals.

After each walk (and if it’s been a rainy day), they towel-dry your fur friend. They’ll also wipe their paws, provide them with a treat, or meal as directed.

They walk dogs with a backup safety collar in addition to your harness or collar. Expect to receive cute pictures and texts from the walk to let you in on your pooch’s day. They provide quick 20-minute, as well as half-hour and hour-walks.

Jason the Dog Walker & Co.

Source: Jason the Dog Walker & Co.

“Jason the Dog Walker & Co. are fantastic! My Australian Shepherd needs a little time to warm up to new people. Jason was great when it came to introducing his team to my dog, and our walk routine was established. The crew is flexible, offering solo walks or walks with other furry friends in the neighborhood.

They also offer late afternoon/early evening walks, which is really helpful on longer workdays. The daily walk notes are great, and this company has gone above and beyond to fulfill last minute schedule changes. Communication is a breeze too. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do!” – Habby B.

These premier dog walkers in Brooklyn can be found in Park Slope. Don’t fret about the wellbeing and safety of your pup at the hands of these experienced dog walkers. They’ve been walking dogs since 2007.

They walk dogs daily from 10 am to 6 pm. You can, however, request late walks. Plus, they usually accommodate same-day request.

Your dog’s safety is important to them. They only walk 2 to 3 paw pals at a time and accept dogs with a harness or Martingale Collar. These guys come prepared with a backup, safety collar!


Source: GoDog

“Wow! I really don’t know what we would do without Jason and his team. He’s taken the extra time to get to know our pup and to train his staff on protocol for walking our large dog with a bit of a sketchy past. I don’t worry about our fuzzy one when he is under their care!

The text updates are great! I love to hear about our boy’s growing relationships with dog friends and people friends. I love to know what he’s been up to while I’m away! It just feels good to be partnered with people who care”. – Lauren G.

GoDog provides group walks. They offer solo walks upon request. They walk around 2-4 dogs in their group walks, which last from half an hour to an hour. However, if you want to request a 15-minute, forty-five minute, or hour-plus walk, they’re open to it.

They assess your pup’s walking gear at the meet and greet. They’ll also give you suggestions on what they consider the safest and most effective gear. These dog walkers in Brooklyn bring their own leashes, along with a company ID tag and their own custom-made safety back-ups.

Your dog won’t ever get bored on his walks. GoDog mixes up the routes to provide your dog with variety. They also give your dog plenty of play time whenever it’s safe and appropriate.

Their walks include refilling water bowls, tending to lights at home (when its called for), meds, feeding, and even turning off the stove you accidentally left on. The best part about their walks? Their daily reports after each visit. They’re notorious for their thorough and entertaining updates!

Brooklyn Bark

Source: Brooklyn Bark

“I’ve been using Brooklyn Bark for almost a year now and they have been nothing but fabulous. I love the technology they have when it comes to checking in for walks and scheduling. When something does arise, BK Bark is super quick to respond via email never leaving me hanging.

My dog Marlow’s walker Miriam is simply the best around! Incredibly thoughtful and caring when it comes to my pup and she also leaves THE BEST notes after a walk – like seriously – she quite possibly is the GOAT of dog walkers!

Cannot recommend their service enough! A++” – Travis W.

These dog walkers in Brooklyn are experienced and First Aid/CPR certified. They offer light brushing, daily physical body checks, weekly ear cleaning, as well as food and fresh water. Your dog will have their primary caregiver who will be with them most of the time.

They’re super high-tech with GPS tracking, and online booking system, and automatic email notification that lets you know when walks begin and end.

They’ll provide oral medication if needed, as well as water, food, treats, basic training, and plenty of love!

The first walk of the day is as early as 10 am, while the last walk is at 7 pm. They offer a 10% discount when you sign up for a monthly pre-payment. Simply give them your schedule for the month and pay ahead of time.

Mobile Mutts Dog Walking and Cat Sitting

Source: Mobile Mutts

“Absolutely love Mobile Mutts. We used the service for 2 years and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. Love the fact that they leave notes, send updates during the day if our pup is not feeling well, are super flexible with late cancellations etc. They are also always extremely responsive.

A special thank you to Brad! He does amazing job walking our English Bulldog Frida who is the world’s most stubborn dog.” – Danutė R.

These experienced dog walkers in Brooklyn have been walking dogs for more than 12 years! They’re available all year, and they allow same-day requests. If you need to cancel an appointment last-minute, they won’t charge late cancellation fees.

They’re trained in pet first aid and CPR, as well as fully insured and a Pet Sitters International member. Good news, pup foster parents! They offer discounted walks to those fostering or thinking about fostering pups.

Urban Wag Brooklyn

Source: Facebook

“Urban Wag is more than a stellar dog walking service, it truly feels like an extension of the family. I trust Min and his team implicitly, they strike the perfect balance of warmth and professionalism, and their contagiously positive vibes seem to rub off on my dog Cappadonna who used to be a jerk but is always in a good mood now when I get home from work.
No new dog walkers. Urban Wag forever.” – Miela S.

Your first 30-minute walk is on them! They also provide a free consultation at the meet and greet.

They’re open from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm. Your dog will enjoy plenty of attention because they don’t walk large packs. They also accommodate personalized solo walks and non-walk related requests.

Brooklyn B’s

Source: Brooklyn B’s

“Finding a dog walker who I trust not only with my best furry friends but also with the key to my apartment is always a tall task, but Eric and the staff at Brooklyn Bitches (best name ever, btw) are truly terrific and exceeded all my expectations.

They’re warm and professional, and send me daily photos of my dogs on their walks looking adorable! I 100% recommend them and am happy to be a reference and resource for anyone who might be interested in their services. Very easy to work with, and I feel very lucky to have found them.” – Josh K.

Booking with these dog walkers in Brooklyn is a breeze. Once you book a walk, you’ll receive access to a calendar spreadsheet created just for you and your canine companion. You’ll never lose track again!

With walks priced at $16, they’re wallet-friendly and competitive with other reputable, established dog walkers. They promise to give your paw pal a truly fun and amazing experience. Their walks do not include south of South 6th Street, east of Lorimer Street, and Mcgolrick Park of Greenpoint.

Brooklyn Tails & Trails Dog Walkers

Source: Brooklyn Tails & Trails

“I highly recommend Brooklyn Tails and Trails. My dog, Toosa, loves her walkers, Cristal and Erwin. I trust them with my pup and feel very secure knowing that they’ll take great care of her. When we moved to our new apartment, Toosa developed some separation anxiety, and the whole team has really helped us through that, making sure Toosa gets as long a walk as possible and setting her up with toys and treats once she’s home. Organizing walks is extremely easy, even though my schedule is always changing.

The pictures and comments we get always brighten my day! I obviously think my dog is amazing, but it’s fun to see other people who truly seem to take joy in how funny and cute she is as well!” – Hayley G.

Have your pup experience tons of socialization and exercise, either solo or with friendly neighborhood canine companions. These guys take your dog to nearby areas and parks away from major human and car traffic.

If you’re comfortable, their 45-minute and 60-minute walks may include a trip to the dog park. They’ll give your dog fresh water and treats. You, on the other hand, will receive a WhatsApp message during each walk, plus a pic of your pup with details.

Brooklyn Paws

Source: Brooklyn Paws

“Brooklyn Paws is amazing! Justine is a wonderful person who really cares about your pet. She personally came and introduced herself and for the first few walks personally walked my pup.
The rest of the company is also great! They have a GPS system to monitor where your pup is walked and they check both in and out of your apartment. After the walk, they check on your pups food and water and also send you a picture of your pup so you can miss them less!

They are very responsive and very accommodating to your schedule. They have a great pay system and very easy scheduling app called Pet Check. This will make your life so much easier and you’ll never have to worry about your pet again!” – Lily A.

Brooklyn Paws’ office is conveniently situated in Dumbo, one of Brooklyn’s friendliest neighborhood for dogs. They tailor every service to each client to ensure your dog receives the best care. They know that every furry friend has different needs, and they try to accommodate as many of those needs as possible. Your doggo’s happiness matters to them.

Their GPS system monitors the routes of your pup and checks in as soon as they’re in and out of your apartment. They’ll send you a picture so you miss your buddy less and check on their food and water after the walk.

Brownstone Dog Walkers

Source: Facebook

“BDW is a closely kept secret of ours because they are phenomenal! Our Siberian Husky obsessed with her walker, Phoebe. The team leaves very helpful notes after the walk and cleans up after the pup when she makes a mess. We even keep some of Phoebe’s notes on the fridge because they are so hilarious! Geoff is also very attentive and made transitioning to the service much easier than I expected.

Most importantly, not enough can be said about how good Abby is at her job. Whether it is canceling walks or scheduling walks for later in the day, Abby is quick and efficient, and we can get a response almost immediately. Keep it up, guys!” – Franco L.

These dog walkers in Brooklyn have been caring for dogs since 2011. They’re friendly animal lovers who are insured and bonded.

Do you need your dog walked at least 3 times per week? Book an appointment with Brownstone Dog Walkers. They walk their dogs in groups, never more than four pups at a time. Don’t worry about the safety of your four-legged friend. They won’t leave them tied up outside, ever. Your pup will have the utmost love and attention.

Over to You

Your schedule is tight. Getting a little help in the form of a professional dog walker can make a big difference. Make sure to meet your chosen dog walker in Brooklyn for an initial meet and greet. This lets you get to know your pup’s dog walker better and whether they’ll jive together.

Also, ask them a few important questions about their dog walking services. Are they trained in canine body language and pack management? How many dogs do they walk at once and do they walk alone? Who will do the walking? What are the sizes of dogs they walk together? How much time do they spend walking? What training method and equipment do they use?

Come home to a calm and well-exercised dog. Select your dog walking professional wisely and enjoy peace of mind. Your dog walker should give your pup loads of fun and make your day easier, not add to your worries.

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