5 Awesome Dog Parks in Brooklyn That Will Give You and Your Pup Life

March 23, 2018

Do you ever feel cooped up living in a bustling city? Imagine how your pup must feel without some outdoor dog exercise.

Your four-legged friend may love the neighborhood walks. Sometimes, they do need to run and feel the wind on their fur and some dirt on their paws. Look at their excitement when they know it’s time for the park!

That’s why dog parks in Brooklyn are a gem. There’s fresh air, shady trees, scenic views, and expansive greens for your lil’ buddy to romp around in.

Here are 5 awesome, off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn that will give you and your pup new life.

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Prospect Park Dog Run

Prospect Park - Dog Parks in Brooklyn

Source: Yelp

“My husband and I take out dog every Sunday morning to Prospect Park. Other dogs are friendly, clean park and its huge. There is a lake the dogs can swim around in. Your dog will love it…mine does. You will be happy you did!” – Tina

This beautiful and large park caters to everyone, especially water-loving furry friends. They have a section of the pond fenced off for swimming during the summer!

It is among the off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn with a very big meadow for your dog to run around in.

Make sure to remain attentive as your pup runs free. This park is extremely well-maintained. Dogs don’t ever get that dirty here. You’ll find plenty of other Fidos or Fluffys to play with during mornings and weekends. Off-leash hours are from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. — 5 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Hillside Dog Park

Source: TimeOut

“It’s safe to say this is the best dog park in the area by a long shot. It’s nestled between an adorable Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and Brooklyn Bridge Park which makes the walk to/from the park very enjoyable.

The park is completely fenced in with three double-fenced entrances. There’s also a separate small dog park area which doesn’t seem to get used all that much but is a nice option if it’s needed. It’s located on a slope and this allows for the dogs to run up and down and really tire themselves out.

The park is mostly composed of wood chips but has some grass and dirt as well. There’s also trees (plenty of shade) and benches/tables (mostly used by the dogs as part of their games, but humans could, in theory, enjoy them too!).” – Amanda B.

This triangular-shaped park is found between the Jehovah’s Witness building and the BQE (so traffic can be loud at times). It’s among the off-leash dog parks in Brooklyn that’ll let your dog run free. The shaded spot for off-leash play is also well-attended. The mix of wood chip and dirt paths are easy on paws.

You and your pup will love that it’s on a hill. Your dog has more natural and varied terrain to run around in and burn off energy. If your dog enjoys being chased or likes to chase other dogs during play, then this is the perfect park to bring them to.

Shore Road Park

Shore Road - Dog Parks in Brooklyn

Source: Yelp

“Since I’ve had more recent opportunities to explore this on my bike, I’ve realized this park has a LOT to offer, especially the portion closer to the Verazzano bridge. Tennis courts, handball courts, padded playground, and a nice path along it all, with amazing views of the bridge. Even a public restroom underneath the brick head house. Great place to sit out, or just grab a bench. This is slightly isolated from the highway noise of the bike path, so it’s really a nice change. Cozy in the Fall. Thank you NYC parks dept.” – Jim P.

Unlike some of the smaller dog parks in Brooklyn, Shore Road Park is a scenic park with a huge dog run. It contains a great bike run and has hills and winding paths for an awesome endurance course. Located near the Belt Parkway, you may notice some traffic noise, though.

It is most known for stunning views of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge and sunset. The 5-mile area is situated among New York’s iconic attractions, including the new WTC, Statue of Liberty, Fort Hamilton High School, Staten Island’s Fort Wadsworth, Brooklyn’s Fort Hamilton Army Base, and Coney Island.

Msgr McGolrick Park

Source: Foursquare

“This is my favorite dog park. I started coming here in December and everyone I’ve met in this park is so nice. I’ve never had a bad experience here. I personally prefer it over McCarren just because the other dog owners here are so friendly and it’s much easier to find parking around here. Everyone who I see coming here regularly knows my dog’s name and my dog seems to love this park more than any other…It’s a great park, with caring dog owners and it’s a great experience every time.” – Klaudia J.

Msgr McGolrick Park has got to be one of the most charming small dog parks in Brooklyn. It’s only been getting better and better the past few years, with beautiful new gardens.

This park has everything you need–a playground, dog park, farmer’s market, running paths, and plenty of large grassy areas. Enjoy a picnic, throw a frisbee, or toss a ball! The best part is the gigantic ancient trees that offer shade through the walkways.

Fort Greene Park

Source: NYC Parks

“I take my dog here every day after Work. We love it!!!! It the biggest dog park I have ever seen in my life! It’s not those cheesy dog parks in Manhattan. This one actually has grass! I like that from 9 am to 9 pm dogs must be leashed!! My dog is a scaredy cat. Doesn’t like other dogs trying to up come to play with her.” – Lola S.

Does your dog have loads of energy with a need to run? Then Fort Greene Park is the ultimate option for the both of you! It’s one of the biggest dog parks in Brooklyn. Off-leash hours are from its opening till 9 am, and from 9 pm till closing time. They also have a water fountain.

Let your dog feel the wind in his fur as he speeds past other pups around the grassy hills. Most of the other dogs and dog parents are friendly. Enjoy roaming the park or visit the nearby farmers’ market on weekends.

Over to You

Before heading out to any of the dog parks in Brooklyn, check the hours they allow off-leash play. Make sure that your paw pal is well-socialized to avoid any possible aggression between them and other people or pups.

Finally, breath in the fresh air and watch your canine companion run off and make new furry friends.

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