5 Dog Groomers in Brooklyn Your Pup Will Love

February 28, 2018

Oh no, your pup has been playing in the mud again.

Are those tangles in their fur?

As a Brooklyn local, why not take your dog out for a day in the grooming salon?

We cherry-picked 5 dog groomers in Brooklyn your pup will adore. If they’re anxious about getting a haircut, these dog-loving experts provide their services in a great environment and know exactly how to calm them down.

Give your buddy a self-serve wash for some extra bath bonding time, or have any of these professional dog groomers in Brooklyn take care of it for a fresh and new-looking canine companion!

The Pawlour

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn: The Pawlour

Source: Facebook

“I’ve been bringing my dog here for years and today’s visit was just so nice, I decided to come home and review. The groomers are really fantastic. They care so much about the dogs, engage with them and put a bandana on to complete the haircut. I highly recommend.” – Jo B.

Don’t worry about your dog being shy or nervous. These dog groomers in Brooklyn are polite, professional, and extremely kind to even the most nervous pups. You’ll find your baby looking adorable when you pick them up after their appointment. You won’t have to wait very long as they work quickly.

They always do their grooming with perfection and care. Did I mention, the dog shampoo they use is amazing? You won’t be able to get over how good your puppy smells.

When you walk into The Pawlour, you’ll immediately notice it’s cleanliness and their creative use of the small space. The shop is quiet and calm, with reasonable prices. Make sure to call ahead as they provide services by appointment only.

Dog Wash N’ Go

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn: Dogs Wash and Go

Source: dogwashngo.com

“Another fantastic grooming with Iris. She takes time and care with my bulldog and he loves her. I peeked in the window and there was Iris shampooing my dog and massaging him from head to toe! No wonder he went running inside when we approached the place. Great experience and my pooch smells terrific (for now…)” – Sylvia W.

This family-owned and operated business of dog groomers in Brooklyn will welcome your dog to their new second home. The place is always busy, which is a good sign. You’ll always find dogs milling about or being groomed by their best friends or dog parents. Your dog will come out clean and happy with a bunch of new friends.

Dog Wash N’ Go listens to exactly what you want and delivers every time. This salon not only offers full-service grooming, but self-service dog washing, walk-in professional baths, daycare, boarding, and transportation, too!

Their full grooms with a haircut include aromatherapy calming oil, conditioning, shampoo with massage, standard blow out, extensive fluff dry, complete brush out, detangling, nail clip and file, ear cleaning, ear hair grooming, sanitary shave, dental inspection, and more.

Their self-service dog washes are easy to use and convenient. Best of all, you can leave the mess with them. You won’t have to deal with wet dogs or muddy paws on your carpet no more. Their self-wash stations come with hydro-wash machines, and shampoo with conditioner gently blasting out directly from the hose along with oxygen bubbles to eliminate the need for scrubbing. Every station also includes its own force dryer, with towels, brushes fulminators, and others.

Bark Slope Salon

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn: Bark Slope Salon

Source: Facebook

“This place is seriously the best! I have a rescue pup with more than a few special needs, and Bark Slope Salon always takes great care of him. My guy is deaf and anxious. He turns from sweet adorable floofer into Cujo the minute the clippers come on. Stacie has never batted an eye. She’s calm and patient, giving pets and treats to reassure him, and calm down breaks when she knows he needs them. He’s a tough cookie, and I never expect perfection, but Bark Slope delivers it every time.” – Korey G.

These full-service dog groomers in Brooklyn offer quality cuts and an amazing selection of natural pet products at reasonably low prices. They always handle furry friends gently and with respect. Your pup will be at ease in their calm, naturally-lit location. Plus, they use only low-heat dryers, cages, and/or forced air dryers depending on whether your dog is comfortable with it or not.

Every bath includes a deodorizing warm water bath and soothing oatmeal, ph-balanced shampoos that are color enhancing, a blueberry or vanilla facial, calming 5-minute massage, nail trim and complimentary buff, ear cleaning, and gland expression.

4 Paws Grooming Salon

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn: 4 Paws Grooming Salon

Source: Facebook

“Awesome place! Both Ewa and Anna were very friendly and great with my Havanese. I didn’t have a particular cut in mind (just short for the summer, but not too short) and left it up to them to decide. When I came to pick up my Sophie, I couldn’t be more pleased. Her cut was perfect and she looked so happy. They even tied a cute bandana around her neck. Anna has quite the eye for grooming (and it’s especially hard to groom Havanese). Keep up the great work!” – Pam O.

If you’re having your pup groomed by these dog groomers in Manhattan, expect perfection every time. Even if you call last minute, they always are available to fit your dog into their schedule. And they’ll take their time for the best results.

They provide great customer service and will remember your dog’s name even though the last time you came to visit was a couple of months ago. Their prices are reasonable, too!

If your puppy is prone to anxiety attacks, they know exactly how to calm them down. You always get the exact cut you ask for. Don’t be surprised to see a very happy and adorable-looking pup at the end of the grooming. They’ll come out looking fresh and clean, with a smile, and wearing the cutest little bow!

Bushwick Bark

Dog Groomers in Brooklyn: Bushwick Bark Dog

Source: bushwickbark.com

“I’m new to Bushwick Bark

But it has already become the home for Sammy. Very knowledgeable and honest group that works here. All of the products are “High End”, so you will only find the healthiest selections to choose from.

The Grooming is also excellent. Great response time when calling by phone, you also can tell they are all dog owners themselves, just with the compassion they had towards my dog.

I highly recommend “Brunswick Bark” to anyone looking for the best treatment, top of the line products, you can find on the market for your dog.” – Pha’nom S.

This full-service dog grooming salon is also a healthy pet food and supplies shop. They carry the healthiest dog food, including organic, holistic, and raw brands.

These dog groomers in Brooklyn offer one-on-one grooming services, meaning that their services are individualized to the specific needs of your pup. They have only one groomer working on one dog at a time so your best friend gets their utmost care and attention.

Their groomers genuinely care and are truly dedicated to the health and well-being of your dog. They have a genuine love for all animals, so rest assured. Your pup is in safe and loving hands.

If you like bonding with your buddy during bath time, they provide a self-service dog wash that includes all the bath essentials for a fresh and new-looking pup. Their self-serve shower includes towels, aprons, brushes, shampoo, blow dryer, and conditioner. You won’t need to make an appointment for the self-serve wash. It’s a walk-in service!

Over to You

Booking an appointment with any of these dog groomers in Brooklyn is easy. Dog grooming is one of your pup’s basic needs and an important responsibility as a dog parent.

Just like us, dogs need physical maintenance and grooming to look and feel their best. Fortunately, dogs don’t need to bathe as much as we do, however you need to know how much grooming your pup actually needs depending on their breed and hair type.

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