Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn Vegetarians Will Love

March 9, 2018

You love having your fur baby around, and you especially enjoy bringing them with you to lunch or dinner out with friends at any of the dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn.

Leaving them home alone is simply incomprehensible, and leaves you feeling guilty as heck. So, you decide to tag them along with you to a nice place where you can grab some sumptuous grub and enjoy their company.

As a vegetarian, however, it sucks that there are plenty of amazing restaurants in Brooklyn, but little food options.

That’s why we decided to feature some superb dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn that you, as a vegetarian, will love. Some of them are eco-friendly and sustainable, with delectable vegetarian food options. We also provide you with food recommendations, so you don’t miss out on the best that these restaurants have to offer.

Whether you’re a local or are visiting Manhattan, make sure to also check out The Top 8 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Manhattan.

Sotto Voce

Source: Facebook

“I dined in this restaurant several years ago and I remember always loving it. I hadn’t been there in quite some time for no good reason but I recently went back again and the food and service were so good that It’s become my go-to place whenever I want a nice dining experience and excellent food. The owner is always there and the service is excellent. Portions are great and prices are fair. Some of the Best Italian food I have ever eaten!!!” – Spiro G.

Enjoy an invigorating morning walk with your pup in the beautiful Prospect Park. Afterward, head west a few blocks for brunch at among one of the top dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn, Sotto Voce. Choose from their packed menu, including salads, all available at cute outdoor tables that accommodate you and your fur baby for a great day out.

The atmosphere is excellent (warm and romantic), and service is on point. And of course, the food is delicious. The kind and friendly staff are full of dog lovers provide your dog with water and plenty of attention. Make sure to try the Artichoke Ravioli.

Buttermilk Channel

Source: Facebook

“Ok, 8 years later I still stand by this review. I went to this restaurant a long time ago for a way fancier dinner with my then-vegetarian boo…It’s a pretty good neighborhood standby, with great service and solid food and veg options. Neighborhood classic. Do it.” – Megan P.

Buttermilk Channel is one of the dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn that’s a great place to mingle with friends. Brooklyn must be proud of this restaurant. Located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood, they offer American cuisine in a comfy location and welcome dogs to their outdoor tables.

Can I also just say how amazing this place is for vegetarians? It’s difficult that there are a myriad of interesting places you want to try around the city, but are presented with only a few vegetarian options. At Buttermilk Channel, they have an entirely separate menu for you, with loads of deliciousness to choose from.

They serve dinner all week at 5 pm, as well as weekend brunch. Their veggie burger is fantastic…a must-try!


Source: Yelp

“I bring my dog Christie Brinkley there for ALL of her doggie play dates. She has the best time and the happy hour can’t be beat! They even bring out a little dog bowl of water for all the doggies. I highly recommend this fine establishment.” – Jaz

Enid’s is among the top dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn offering Southern style cuisine. It’s an awesome place to meet up with friends, and they have outdoor seating for your canine companion.

When visiting Brooklyn, Sunday brunch is a must and an excellent choice! It’s a great spot where both people and dogs can grab a simple brunch.

They have a simple and easy-to-read menu. The basic menu is what’s great about the place. Their short menu is evidence of their perfected offerings. They even provide a little bowl of water for your pup.

Habana Outpost Brooklyn

Source: Habana

“I love Habana Outpost! It is so hard to find restaurants that allow pets. When the weather is nice, I like to take my dog out for walks instead of keeping him cooped up in my apartment, but I also like to enjoy the wonderful weather myself. At Habana I can have a meal with friends while my dog relaxes beside me and gets fresh air. It truly is a wonderful restaurant, I encourage all pet lovers to check it out.” – Mel

Habana Outpost is a dog-friendly restaurant located in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. They welcome you to enjoy traditional Mexican and Cuban cuisine in a dog-friendly environment.

They are the New York’s first eco-eatery and is a community gathering spot with a fun atmosphere for artists, families, and of course, dogs! Your pup will be happy with a bowl of water while you dine on the patio. Yes, they not only focus on sustainability, but they have beautiful outdoor seating, too!

Super trendy, Habana Outpost is a place everyone can enjoy. It’s an easygoing outdoor space where folks come and go. Grab a table with friends, head inside to get Veggie Tacos and frozen margaritas while you listen to tasteful music by the DJ and watch a cross section of Brooklyn come together. Their margaritas are to die for!


“Very welcoming for dogs. Food is delicious, cocktails not too strong. Promenade to walk as well as the beach are wonderful for the dogs.” – Petra

Tatiana is among the top dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn that offer Russian cuisine. They provide an amazing experience with wonderful multiple courses. Your dog will immensely enjoy the picturesque outdoor seating.

Frequent Tatiana’s on a nice sunny spring or hot summer day to sit outside. Enjoy a wonderful meal while watching interesting and colorful people from all walks of life walk by on the boardwalk at Brighton beach.

Besides great food, they provide awesome service, atmosphere, ambient music, and beautiful decor. Have I mentioned the food is on point and are served in huge (really huge) portions?

As you dine, you can also enjoy a dance or music show. And don’t forget to try the Kani Salad.

Over to You

As you look for more ways to include your buddy in your plans, consider a few things first. Here are a few tips to make sure that you, your canine companion, and other patrons have an excellent dining experience when you bring your dog to restaurants.

Bring a water bowl. Some restaurants don’t offer water bowls, although, most of the dog-friendly restaurants in Brooklyn that are mentioned in this list do. It’s still best to play it safe and ensure that your dog has access to water.

Take along a blanket. This makes sure that your pup is always warm and comfortable, so they don’t have to lay down on the cold, hard concrete.

Finally, always keep your eye on your dog. Make sure they are on a leash at all times, and that they’re cool. They should have access to shade in warm weather to avoid overheating while your busy enjoying your favorite vegetarian dish.


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