5 Top-Rated Animal Clinics in Brooklyn

March 19, 2018

Seeing our fur babies suffer from a health-related problem is the worst.

That is why prevention is key. Regularly going to the vet for a routine check-up or wellness exam helps diagnose any potential problems that may get worse down the line.

Whether you need preventative or urgent care, here are 5 animal clinics in Brooklyn that have the best rating by previous customers.

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The Neighborhood Vet

Source: Facebook

“I highly recommend The Neighborhood Vet! Dr. Loose was amazing, super friendly, and warm towards Arnold (my dog) and myself. She gave him a toy when we walked in the door, immediately putting him at ease.

He was recently rescued and is very nervous about being restrained and rather testy about people he doesn’t know touching his mouth and bum, but Dr.Loose realized this and she didn’t force it.

We left with the medication he needed to cure his kennel cough (and the pill pockets!) as well as some recommendations for trainers to help him get over his separation anxiety. We are both looking forward to our follow up visits :)” – Marykate B.

Not all animal clinics in Brooklyn perform their services in the comfort of your home. The Neighborhood Vet does! Whether you experience trouble loading your pup into the car or want several dogs examined, don’t hesitate to schedule a house call with these veterinarians.

This group of highly-trained and experienced dog lovers provides state-of-the-art medical care in a straightforward and compassionate manner.

Alison Animal Hospital

Source: Facebook

“This is a terrific veterinary practice. Admittedly I’ve never had a pet before – but with both me and my tiny Yorkie, Dr. Klein has great bedside manner. He is a good listener, doesn’t advocate overtreatment and seems very knowledgeable about doggie health. When I first came they were new, so it was easier to get a “sick” doggie visit. I think they have become so popular that it can be hard to get in when your doggie isn’t well. Prices seem surprisingly low to me for Brooklyn.” – Kari T.

Alison Animal Hospital’s approach is one of logic, science, and compassion. They find every dog precious and unique. Unlike other animal clinics in Brooklyn, they aren’t part of any group or larger entity. They’ve worked hard to resist any contract pricing with reference labs and vendors that may compromise their freedom. All the work they do is for you and your paw pal.

They also have a brand new, innovative hospital with the latest technology in medicine, diagnostics, and advanced surgery. It incorporates noise management, odor and pathogen control, and traffic flow. If your pup gets easily frazzled, they’ll love the calm environment and staff of this animal hospital.

Crown Heights Animal Hospital

Source: Crown Heights Animal Hospital

“Friendly staff who are thoughtful, knowledgeable, and thorough. Probably the best veterinarian hospital in Crown Heights. They treat your pets like family, and they treat you well. The staff got my puppy a fresh bowl of water when we came in today because it’s hot outside; and gave me a cup of water too.” – Victoria S.

Crown Heights Animal Hospital is among the animal clinics in Brooklyn with a full-service veterinary hospital, cutting-edge medical equipment, and highly-qualified veterinarians and staff.

They offer complete and compassionate care to all kinds of animals in all stages of their life. These veterinarians will focus on you and your canine companion’s unique needs.

Their range of services includes internal medicine, orthopedic and general surgery, exotic and avian medicine and surgery, comprehensive laboratory diagnostics, dentistry, acupuncture, digital radiography, ultrasonography, and critical and emergency care.

One Love Animal Hospital

Source: Facebook

“One Love is one of the best veterinary clinics I’ve dealt with in all my years of being a dog owner in NY. The front desk staff is efficient and friendly, the techs are great, and the doctors (Dr. Grzyb especially) are caring, skillful, and thorough. Dr. Grzyb has been really helpful with answering questions via email and this gives us a lot of peace of mind.” – Jess K.

If you’re looking for animal clinics in Brooklyn that have been carefully designed to be calming and stress-free, then head to One Love Animal Hospital. Their motto is “One love, one life.”

They believe that the purity of somebody’s heart can be measured by how they treat animals. All of their staff are huge dog lovers and they practice veterinary medicine with empathy, compassion, and progressive thinking.

They’re open all week. Reduce waiting time by making an appointment with them. However, if your four-legged friend needs urgent care, they can assist you as well.

Bensonhurst Veterinary Care

Source: Facebook

“Dr. Zawie and Dr. Zaccheo are AWESOME! The whole staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and pleasant. Place is very clean. Everyone is very helpful, and I felt comfortable leaving my pup there for her surgery. I travel from Staten Island to see them! They are very accommodating and made sure to answer any questions before leaving. Thank you so much for helping me and little furry friend!” – Samantha S.

If you’re searching for award-winning animal clinics in Brooklyn, then visit BensonHurst Veterinary Care. They are one of the Three Best Veterinary Clinics in New York City.

They won the 2017 Yelp award and Demandforce’s 2017 Top Rated Veterinary.

They offer all basic procedures, including wellness and sick patient exams, vaccinations, lameness exams, blood work, urine testing, diabetic regulation, and others. They provide surgical services, dental procedures, emergency services, laser therapy, and euthanasia.

They also offer behavioral counseling or modification if your fur baby has anxiety, inappropriate urination, aggression, or other behavioral disorders.

Over to You

To make your visit to the veterinary successful, prepare in advance, use your time at the vet’s office effectively, and follow-up afterward. Schedule an appointment when you can for your convenience.

Regularly observe your pup for any symptoms that may warrant a visit to the vet, and make notes. Prepare any questions you may have for the vet for your visit to go smoothly.

Make sure that you take the time to get your canine companion comfortable for the car ride to any of the animal clinics in Brooklyn you might be heading to.

If you only bring your dog in the car with you whenever you go to the vet, they’ll know something is up when you tell them to “Jump in!”. Try bringing them with you in the car to fun places, such as a beach or the park, every now and then to remedy their anxiousness.

Also, pick a vet that connects with your dog. If you’re not happy with your vet, go to a new one. Try to find one that is compassionate and understanding of your nervous pup.

Finally, bring treats! This reinforces that going to the vet is actually a good thing.

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