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Ketunpet Benefits

– Protein Quality
– Gluten Free
– Cholesterol Free
– Hypoallergenic
– for a Healthy Digestion
– with Natural flavor and texture

Discover some of the benefits of Ketunpet food with vegetarian protein…

Jan 1 2017

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

– How much is shipping?
– Can I get a subscription and save money?
– How is meat-origin protein replaced?
– How much food should I give to my dog?
and more…

Discover in this FAQ some of the questions people have long been wondering about.

Jan 1 2017
Dog Trainers in Brooklyn

5 Popular Dog Trainers in Brooklyn

You worry about your dog’s behavioral issues. You need dog trainers in Brooklyn for your paw pal. They jump at you with unbound excitement, nip at your ankles, or bark excessively.

Wouldn’t you just love to bring your dog with you anywhere around the city without a hitch? A calm and peaceful city pup is a dream.

Enjoy the company of a loving, obedient, and well-trained dog in your life. Whether you need behavioral, obedience, puppy, or service dog training, these top-rated dog trainers in Brooklyn will have you and your dog communicating effectively.

Mar 20 2018
Animal Clinics in Brooklyn

5 Top-Rated Animal Clinics in Brooklyn

Searching for a good animal clinic for your paw pal? Whether you’re looking for preventative or urgent care, here are 5 top-rated animal clinics in Brooklyn that provide cutting-edge and compassionate care.

Seeing our fur babies suffer from a health-related problem is the worst.

That is why prevention is key. Regularly going to the vet for a routine check-up or wellness exam helps diagnose any potential problems that may get worse down the line.

Whether you need preventative or urgent care, here are 5 animal clinics in Brooklyn that have the best rating by previous customers.

Mar 19 2018
The Top 5 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn Vegetarians Will Love

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Brooklyn Vegetarians Will Love

Yes, we heard your call. We know that vegetarian dog parents have it hard. You want to take your furry friend out to eat with you, but not many restaurants are both vegetarian- and dog-friendly. Find great food options here that both you and your pup will enjoy.

Mar 9 2018

Where to Find Dog Daycare in Brooklyn

Have you ever noticed your dog giving you sad puppy eyes whenever you head out of the door? It’s tough leaving your best bud for an extended amount of time. However, you have a busy schedule. You may need to fulfill prolonged hours at work that drastically reduce the time that could be spent with […]

Mar 6 2018
Dog Groomers in Brooklyn

5 Dog Groomers in Brooklyn Your Pup Will Love

Oh no, your pup has been playing in the mud again.

Are those tangles in their fur?

As a Brooklyn local, why not take your dog out for a day in the grooming salon?

We cherry-picked 5 dog groomers in Brooklyn your pup will adore.

Feb 28 2018
Signs Your Dog Has Allergies & How Vegan Dog Food Can Help

Signs Your Dog Has Allergies & How Vegan Dog Food Can Help

Is your pup scratching himself more than usual? Are his eyes watery?

Those may be signs your dog has allergies. Just like us, dogs can suffer from allergies.

Find out how vegetarian based dog food can help…

Feb 23 2018
What do vegans feed their dogs?

What Do Vegans Feed Their Dogs?

Your love and care for all animals is probably one of the reasons why you became vegan. Of course, it helps that veganism promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Most likely, you also enjoy the company of animals and are the proud parent of an adorable dog.

You may be wondering what do vegans feed their dogs. Read on to find out.

Feb 21 2018
Dog-Friendly Activities in Manhattan

6 Dog-Friendly Activities in Manhattan You and Your Pup Can Enjoy

Whether you’re simply visiting or a local, there are plenty of ways to bond with your dog in Manhattan.

Here are some of the dog-friendly activities in Manhattan that let you take your buddy out, burn some energy, and take in the sights and sounds of the area.

Feb 16 2018

Dog Exercise: How Much Activity Does Your Dog Need?

When your dog is well-exercised, they are able to release nervous energy, instead of taking on behaviors that’ll become a problem.

Feb 15 2018

5 Dog-Friendly Bars in Manhattan You and Your Pup Must Try

Grabbing a few drinks at the bar is a fun way to spend your time on a weekend or relax after a long day at work. Wouldn’t it be a lot more enjoyable, though, if you could bring your dog? You’re probably thinking that it would be awesome if you could down a few drinks, […]

Feb 14 2018

6 Local Pet Shops in Manhattan You Need to Visit

You just brought home a new pup, or your family dog needs a few supplies.

What are some of the top local pet shops in Manhattan you can go to?

Whether you need holistic pet care products, vegan dog food, organic shampoos, doggy treats, or grooming services, here are some of the local pet shops that’ll provide everything your furry friend needs… and a bit more.

Feb 9 2018
Dogs for Adoption in Manhattan

5 Animal Shelters to Find Dogs for Adoption in Manhattan

Thinking of getting a furry addition to your family?

Adopted dogs are usually the sweetest pups, brimming with happiness, just waiting for somebody to bring them home. Many of them are already house-trained and will transition seamlessly to being a part of your family.

There are a few reasons why you should find dogs for adoption in Manhattan, instead of shopping for one.

Feb 7 2018