Nutritious, wholesome foods aren't just healthy for humans... They're also healthy for dogs.

We don’t usually stop to consider what we’re feeding our dogs.

After all, they’re always happy to get fed.

But most commercial dog food is laden with antibiotics, allergens, and cholesterol. Not to mention the artificial additives, colors, and preservatives…

It goes without saying that these ingredients shouldn’t be part of your dog’s diet. They cause cancer, arthritis, and a host of other health problems.

Just like humans, dogs need balanced, nutritious, and wholesome foods to thrive.

My fur is shinier and I feel much healthier!

The commercial dog food industry has pulled the fur over our eyes.

They’ve kept us confused about what we should feed our four-legged friends:

  • They’ve been feeding our dogs food made from diseased, dying, or dead animals.
  • Food that's classified as unfit for humans.
  • In 2017 alone, there were 17 major recalls of dog food. That's more than one per month.
  • You wouldn’t feed your family such poor-quality, cruelty-supporting foods – so why are you feeding it to your canine companion?

So what should your dog be eating?

As it turns out, nutrient-dense plants are the best food for your dog’s health and longevity.

Plant-based proteins don’t contain any antibiotics or parasites; while providing a superior level of nutrition for your dog.

Bramble, a collie in the UK, lived for 27 years eating a completely vegan diet. That made him the longest living dog of his time – an amazing 189 dog years!

And it’s not just Bramble – hundreds of dogs eating a plant-based diet have been shown to be healthier than dogs eating a carnivorous diet.

When we feed our dogs a plant-based or vegan diet, not only are they healthier – we also stop contributing to animal cruelty.

Ketunpet dog food is plant-based and packed with nutritious superfoods.

Proven to improve your dog’s health and increase their lifespan

Whether your dog is large or small, an active puppy or sleepy senior, one of our formulas will fit their nutritional needs perfectly.

KetunPet Puppy Blend

KetunPet Puppy Blend

For dogs that are under 12 months, working, highly active, lactating, or gestating.

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KetunPet Adult Blend

KetunPet Adult Blend

For dogs over 12 months, providing the nutrients they need to thrive.

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Fresh-lock valve

Every bag of Ketunpet food is uniquely equipped with a one-way fresh-lock valve. This special packaging keeps Ketunpet food fresh after the package is opened.

Hi! I’m Huckleberry the Husky.

My owner, Jordi, started Ketunpet as an answer to my consistent begging for better food. I helped him design a formula that was snout-licking-good and packed with nutrition as well.

Since eating Ketunpet, my coat has gotten shinier, I’m full of energy for walks and playtime, and even my vet says I’m healthier.

And not only that, but I sleep better at night knowing that I'm not hurting any other animals when I eat my dinner.

I want to share Ketunpet with dogs around the world, and help other canines live longer, happier, healthier lives.

Try Your First Bag of Ketunpet for 20% Off

If your dog loves it, you can continue to save on every bag with our subscription program.

When you order your first bag today, we’ll also send you the special report Longevity Secrets for Dogs, filled with the latest scientific research and information about how to improve the health and longevity of your canine companion.

KetunPet Adult Formula

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Ketunpet Benefits

– Protein Quality
– Gluten Free
– Cholesterol Free
– Hypoallergenic
– for a Healthy Digestion
– with Natural flavor and texture

Discover some of the benefits of Ketunpet food with vegetarian protein…

Jan 1 2017

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

– How much is shipping?
– Can I get a subscription and save money?
– How is meat-origin protein replaced?
– How much food should I give to my dog?
and more…

Discover in this FAQ some of the questions people have long been wondering about.

Jan 1 2017
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