Feeding a pregnant dog will be quite different than how you did before breeding. For one, they require more calories for their growing pups!

If you have little idea about what to feed your dog, how many meals they need daily, or after pregnancy care, keep reading.

Make sure that you talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s needs before, during, and after her pregnancy.

How Long is a Dog’s Gestation Period?

A dog’s pregnancy lasts around 63 days. She will be nursing, however, for a few more weeks.

The Importance of Nutrition

Nutrition is vital during your dog’s pregnancy. Malnutrition can cause serious health problems not only for your dog but for the health of her puppies.

Optimal nutrition is essential for:

  • Conception
  • Successful pregnancy
  • Healthy pups

Each stage of your dog’s pregnancy has specific concerns or needs that you need to meet for the utmost health of both mother and puppy.

Things to Consider

Make sure that you feed pregnant or nursing dogs sufficient calories. At this time, they need more energy for producing milk and growing their pups.

Food with increased fat helps them meet their higher demand for calories.

Feeding a pregnant dog easily digestible meals is important to maximize calorie intake.


Your pregnant dog needs more calcium and phosphorus as she produces milk, aiding the bone growth of her puppies.

More protein is also important for nourishing the development of healthy puppies. DHA is also crucial for helping develop her puppies’ nervous system.


Common Mistakes

Dog parents make a few common mistakes when feeding a pregnant dog.

Usually, they feed them too much early on in the pregnancy and too little during lactation. Overfeeding can cause obesity which results in a number of problems. It increases the risk of a difficult labor and extra stress on the pups. On the other hand, not feeding a pregnant dog enough can lead to embryo loss, stillbirth, spontaneous abortion, abnormal fetal development, small litter size, or underweight puppies.

Many also forget to provide enough water. The mother should always have easy access to fresh, clean drinking water. Staying hydrated is a must as dehydration is seriously damaging to her health and the development of her puppies.


Feed Your Pregnant Dog Puppy Food

Feeding a pregnant dog puppy food, like Ketunpet Puppy Blend, ensures that they meet their nutritional requirements.

Puppy food is easily digestible and rich in major nutrients. It offers them more energy than normal adult dog food.

Although puppy food is nutritious for your pregnant dog, make sure you don’t end up overfeeding her.