Your love and care for all animals is probably one of the reasons why you became vegan. Of course, it helps that veganism promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Most likely, you also enjoy the company of animals and are the proud parent of an adorable dog. But wait, you’re vegan, and dogs eat meat, right? Does this mean that vegan owners should have to feed their dogs meat? Is it possible to do that without supporting slaughterhouses that engage in animal cruelty? If not, can dogs even become vegan?

You may be wondering what do vegans feed their dogs. Read on to find out.

The Usual Misconception

If you’re a vegan currently feeding your pup meat, you’ve probably encountered some form of objection from others saying, “But feeding your dog meat isn’t vegan!”. You want to avoid using animal products as much as possible, but you’re facing this dilemma about what to feed your furry friend.

You see dogs as natural meat eaters, and you probably haven’t thought that a vegan dog was even possible. You may have this misconception that feeding dogs a vegan diet is against their physiology, and might cause them to go sick. However, will dogs really suffer on a vegan diet?

Can Dogs Be Vegan?

Dogs aren’t purely carnivores. Actually, if you do some research, many experts classify dogs as omnivores.

Dr. Roger Welton, President of Maybeck Animal Hospital and CEO/Chief Editor of Web-DVM, says “Somehow the notion that dogs are pure carnivores has permeated through internet chat forums, among some non-medically trained people working in the pet industry (groomers, trainers, etc.), and those that take their information seriously. This notion is based by in large on the multiple erroneous notion that dogs are essentially wolves, and since wolves are pure carnivores, then dogs necessarily should be fed as wolves would eat.”


However, dogs are not wolves and there is a huge difference between the DNA of wolves and dogs. Another fact is that even wolves are not pure carnivores. Even they feed on a significant amount of vegetable matters for optimal physiological balance and gastrointestinal health.

Being omnivores, dogs can fully thrive in good health and go on a completely vegan diet. Just be careful that you provide them the right balance of nutrients so that they can still get all the necessary amino acids without the meat. So, if you properly plan their nutritional intake, your dog can be both healthy and happy on a purely vegan diet!

Ways to Go Vegan

What do vegans feed their dogs? There are three ways you can make your dog adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Ready-made vegan dog food

You can feed your best friend ready-made vegan dog food, like Ketunpet, which you can buy online. Ketunpet offers a complete and wholesome diet with an excellent balance of plant-based protein that helps them reach optimal nutrition.

Ready-made vegan dog food is perfect for when you’re pressed for time and can’t whip up a homemade meal, but still, want to be assured of its nutritional value.

Whole foods vegetable diet

You can also prepare a whole foods vegetable diet for your beloved canine companion. This includes ingredients like sweet potatoes, lentils, carrots, or other vegetables your dog loves, as well as any additional supplements.

A mixture of both

You can mix in your favorite vegan kibble with vegetables or faux meats they enjoy for an extra special treat!

Stories of Vegan Dogs

Here are a few inspiring stories from The Vegan Truth of dogs who’ve successfully adopted a vegan lifestyle.

Everyone has heard the story of Bramble. This vegan dog has been named the world’s oldest dog. “Bramble’s diet was based around fresh organic home-grown vegetables, brown rice, lentils and plant protein; with yeast extract for B12.”, says Anne Heritage, Bramble’s person.

Story of Bramble - What do vegans feed their dogs?

Source: thevegantruth

Valiant is a rescue living in Hawaii. He is a Great Dane cross-breed and has been on a vegan diet for over 5 years. He is one of the most gentle dogs, even though he was rescued from the streets and obviously abused with ears that have big squares cut in them. Although he was fearful, he now is so easy to love and sweet. (He rarely ever barks.)

Patchouli and Snowy are two vegan rescued Pit Bulls that love all fruits and veggies. Even at over 6 years of age, their energy is amazing. Their vet always tells them how trim and healthy they are at their annual checkups, and neither of them has been sick the whole time they have been with their owners.

So, What Do Vegans Feed Their Dogs?

Most of the time, when people hear “vegan”, they think of health food nuts. This family of vegans from All American Vegan are far from being health food nuts. They can relate to the average American and the average American can relate to them as well. In fact, they only have five rules: 1. No meat, 2. No dairy, 3. No eggs, 4. No honey, and 5. There are no other rules.

5 Rules of the Vegan Diet - What do vegans feed their dogs?

Source: All American Vegan

What do they have to say about vegans feeding their dogs a vegan diet?

“Vegans often handle this dilemma – the killing of animals for dog food – by not feeding such food to their dogs. We don’t. Our current dog is vegan, as have been every other dog we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our life with.”

Every morning and every night, they feed their little Oswald a mixture of vegan kibble mixed with bits of chopped, faux meats. The vegan kibble ensures he receives all his needed nutrients, while the faux meats are something he enjoys a lot.

It would never occur to them or their pup that they are somehow “forcing” their lifestyle upon him by not feeding their dog the product of animal cruelty. Their dog is healthy and getting all the vitamins and minerals he needs, without anybody getting hurt in the process.

Sylwia, another vegan, also feeds their dog a vegan diet.

“Sometimes, there are things I make at home that my boy can enjoy with me as well. Sweet potato, carrots, peas…just to name a few. My dogs LOVE carrots so much, they jump for joy and are begging right as I am chopping the carrots. Carrot time = happy time for the boys 🙂 (I also steam the carrots before serving them to my boys; it aids in digestion and breaking it down).

Again, we care for our animals and want them to be healthy, so make sure you are giving your furry family member what they need. And yes! It is possible to have them be vegan alongside you as well. Again, just make sure they are also getting the proper nutrients they need.”

Over to You


What do vegans feed their dogs? Vegetables and plant-based protein! Dogs can live a happy and healthy life on a vegan diet. The choice between feeding your dog a product of the suffering of animals or a healthy vegan diet shouldn’t be hard. Know which types of vegan kibble or homemade food your four-legged friend enjoys to ease the transition, and both of you can live on a vegan diet, guilt-free!