You just brought home a new pup, or your family dog needs a few supplies. (They may need a refresher in dog training or a bit of grooming as well.)

What are some of the top local pet shops in Manhattan you can go to?

Whether you need holistic pet care products, vegan dog food, organic shampoos, doggy treats, or grooming services, here are some of the local pet shops that’ll provide everything your furry friend needs… and a bit more.

Whiskers Holistic Pet Store

Local Pet Shops in Manhattan - Whiskers Holistic Petcare

Source: Facebook/WhiskersHolisticPetcare

“Wow, this place is so cool. I stumbled upon it and I’m so happy I did. I love anything holistic and especially for my pet, I love having the option of giving my pet something that steers away from western medicine and paying a bunch of vet fees. Thumbs up.” – SaraLee E.

Whiskers Holistic Pet Store is one of the local pet shops in Manhattan offering alternatives to traditional harsh, invasive, and chemically based animal care products or methods. They provide holistic pet care, including homeopathic and flower remedies.

Browsing through their store you’ll find a wide range of nutritional supplements, the most informative books and videos, organic vegan treats, and foods, as well as the usual pet accouterments like accessories, toys, natural chew bones, unique harnesses, and more.


“Petropolis is a neighborhood pet store where you actually feel treated like a good neighbor. The staff here are all friendly and accommodating. The products are high quality. And shopping at Petropolis is actually a pleasure.

I live about a mile away and enjoy heading over there for a dog walk most of the time, but they’re glad to make a delivery on days when my schedule is a bit more packed. They’ve special-ordered products for me, and I feel welcome and appreciated. I definitely recommend Petropolis to you and your pets!” – Jeff G

Petropolis is among the best grooming salons and local pet shops in Manhattan, NY. They call themselves “New York’s finest all-natural beastro and grooming salon”. They’re also super convenient. You can shop online for all of Fido’s needs, including nutrition, food, treats and more. They deliver all over Manhattan, from FiDi to the West and Upper East Sides.


 Local Pet Shops in Manhattan - Zoomies

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“Such a cute shop for people who like to pamper their pets! Went recently to buy a birthday gift for my dog and this was the perfect spot! The owner is a really friendly French lady who bakes the dog treats fresh. They have treats, birthday gifts, accessories, toys, and more.
After my boyfriend and I left the store, we couldn’t stop smiling.” – Gina S.

Zoomies is the first biscuit bar for dogs in New York, and they are uber chic! The ambient interiors are made up of chandeliers, exposed brick walls, the scent of candles from all over the world, and a unique selection of products displayed on French antiques.

Take your pick from their apparel, collars, harnesses, leashes, dog toys, beds and blankets, travel essentials, shampoos and cleaners, bowls, treats, and more. They also sell eco-friendly products for dogs.


“I absolutely enjoyed going to this Petco location. The staff here was super super friendly. Especially with help in taking my items to my lyft ride when it came (had tons of bags or would have handled everything on my own). I love that there are two floors with an array of items for your pal. It did take a while to get assistance but the attitude and knowledge more than made up for it. If the place wasn’t so far from my home, it would be my go too Petco spot.” – Ofunne O.

Petco is great for those dog owners who just brought home a new pup. You can find everything you need to welcome them home at Petco. This big name local pet shop in Manhattan has everything from beds and gates to dog tags and collars and everything in between.

They also provide a range of premium dog services, including dog grooming, positive reinforcement dog training classes, vaccinations, and more. If you’re looking to adopt, they hold dog adoption events every once in awhile at their store.

Beasty Feast

Local Pet Shops in Manhattan - BeastyFeast

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“Beasty-Feast is my go-to pet store for all my needs for my Welsh Corgi. The most important thing is that they have a GREAT selection on food, snacks, toys, grooming products etc. and their prices are very reasonable.

Yoshi, my Corgi, also get his bath here and it’s always easy to schedule an appointment and they do a wonderful job. Highly recommended!” – Jennifer F.

Compared to other local pet shops in Manhattan, Beasty Feast’s store is incredibly well curated. A great little gem packed with thoughtful and high-quality items for your furry best friend, this store is more dog-centric and stacked wall-to-wall with every flavor and brand imaginable.

Products are also arranged very neatly and well-organized. Their staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and always find the best solutions for your pup’s needs. Although you may consider them a fancy pet store carrying all the high-end niche products, their prices are surprisingly incredibly reasonable.

Dog & Co

Local Pet Shops in Manhattan - DOG & CO

Source: Facebook/shopdogandcompany

“Beware: you will spend all of your money when you walk in here. It’s amazing what they have.

I came specifically to buy a wildebeest harness I knew they had, but I left having bought some fancy hip collar, leash & traveling bag, and blanket. They gave me treat samples that my dog (who doesn’t love treats) is obsessed with.

Super friendly, and they didn’t get mad at me when my dog peed on their beautiful wooden displays. Cannot recommend enough, this store has a vastly different assortment than any other pet store in NY (at least that I’ve found yet). You can try out some products that you might otherwise buy online and not be sure about, that’s what I did!” – Jessica K.

Are you a fashionable dog owner with an equally stylish pup? Head on over to Dog & Co. They are an online, as well as brick-and-mortar specialty shop with an amazing selection of cute, quality pet products and accessories that’ll fit in seamlessly with your personal style.

Their products are well-designed, well-made, and well-intentioned too, made with plenty of love. If you want to support small businesses, they feature doggy clothing and accessories by local designers.

Their stocks include an assortment of modern pet supplies, including leads, collars, bowls, bags, apparel, treats, toys, and more.

They partner with rescue organizations in the area to help animal adoption rates in NYC through fundraising, adoption, and awareness events.

You can bring your canine companion for a visit to their shop or do all of your shopping online.

Over to You

Local pet shops in Manhattan may be a great way to replenish your dog’s supplies. When getting a new dog, however, we recommend that you adopt, don’t shop.

Here’s a list we compiled of 5 animal shelters to find dogs for adoption in Manhattan. Your rescue will love you for it and reward you with plenty of love, loyalty, and sloppy kisses.