Americans love their dogs. We love them so much, we spend billions of dollars on them each year. This year, let the dog owner on your holiday gift list save a few bucks by giving them something their dog can really use… and love! Here are some gift ideas a dog lover will truly appreciate.


A Camera That Watches Fido When You’re Away

Ever sit there and wonder what your dog is doing when you’re not at home? Wonder no more! There are tons of pet cameras  on the market that watch your dog while you are out. You can check the feed using apps on your smartphone. Some of these cameras even dispense treats, so you can always let your dog know when he’s being a good boy.


A Hands-Free Leash That Makes Running A Breeze

If your loved one has “get fit” as their New Year’s resolution, this is the gift for them! A hands-free leash fastens around the waist, allowing the runner to have full access to their arms for proper form. This is an especially great gift for someone with an active breed like a border collie or labrador retriever.


A New Fence For Safe Outdoor Fun

If the person on your list just moved into a new place, chances are they could use a little help making modifications for their dog’s safety. Consider getting them a new fence that will keep Fido safe when playing in the backyard. Home Advisor estimates the average cost to install a chain link fence in Miami runs from $1,167 to about $2,595. The work only takes one or two days, but this short-term project means long term safety for their dog.


Vegan Pet Food for A Smaller Impact on Mother Earth and the Environmental

The planet truly can’t afford the cost of raising animals for food. The massive amounts of land, food, energy and water used for livestock contributes 51 percent or more to global greenhouse-gas emissions. While you may think your dog needs meat, the truth is canines are omnivores, and a well balanced vegan food can nourish your pup just as well — if not better — than other store bought kibble. Check out brands like KetunPet and see just how easy it is to switch a dog to a vegan diet. If the loved one on your list is already meat and dairy-free, this gift will be the perfect introduction to the next step of their low impact lifestyle.


A Pet Subscription Box For the Gift that Keeps Giving

Subscription boxes are all the rage, but none make quite as much sense as the ones curated for dogs. Considering how quickly a canine can go throw new toys, treats, and chews, having a box of the good stuff delivered to your doorstep each month is super convenient. Plus, they really make a great gift. This is an especially great choice for dogs that love playing indoors.


As much as Americans love their dogs, there has to be at least one canine fanatic on your holiday gift list. This year, give them something that taps into their love of Man’s Best Friend. Something small like a hands-free leash or a new kind of dog food is perfect for the person on a budget. Bigger items like a pet camera or a new fence can really show how you care. Finally, subscription boxes full of goodies for dogs are the gift that keeps giving all year round. Whatever you decide to get them, it’s sure to be tail-wagging good!


By: Cindy Aldridge