While you’re away, your dog needs to exercise and socialize.

However, finding someone you can trust enough with your furry friend can be anxiety-inducing.

You see all these dog walkers offering up their services online, and you wonder if they’re the one for your beloved canine companion. Will they love and care for your dog? Will they treat them well?

Have no fear. We at Ketunpet have compiled a list of the top 5 professional dog walkers in Manhattan to make the choice easy for you. Check out which ones made the cut below!


Source: Facebook/MixyPaws

“I have been extremely happy with the personal care of Mixy Paws. Kate and her crew are very kind and responsive to my needs. I trust they will take extra care of my dog. I love that I have the same walker every day and appreciate the text check-ins and photographs! It is very reassuring to get personal notes while I am at work!

I feel they totally care about my dog and GET HER!! They create a nice sense of community with the dog owners!!” – Nicole G.

MixyPaws offers small group dog walks that are perfect for socializing your pup. It offers your dog a walk experience that provides just the right mix of exercise and socialization with their best furry friends in your neighborhood. They send text messages and/or photos, as well as daily notes, after the walk so you can have a look at how much fun they’ve had!

They also offer private dog walks, taking your dog on a stroll around their favorite places in the neighborhood. Other services include puppy walks and assistance with reinforcing any training you and your pup have been working on.

Wags West Dog Walking and Cat Sitting

dog walkers in manhattan


“Michael, Marixa and the whole team are terrific – it’s really nice, family owned and well run (organized!) company. Louie, my 3-year-old lab, has had mixed experiences with walkers but was always in good hands with Wags West! They are very responsive to requests and questions; when the regular walker wasn’t able to make it, Michael was always there to stand in (and I didn’t need to manage it!). Now that we’ve left NYC, Louie really misses the team and all the doggie friends he made on his walks.” – Hilary R.

Wags West is a locally based and family-owned and operated professional dog walkers in Manhattan. They’ve been offering caring and dependable dog walking in Manhattan since 2006. They provide full, personal services, including a first-time home meeting for free and daily check-in emails. Scheduling appointments, payment, confirmations, staying up-to-date on upcoming visits and billing online are super convenient.

Your dog’s walks include emails, GPS tracking, water, wipe paws, towel dry, and more goodies. Plus, they’re open from Monday to Sunday! What’s not to love? Your dogs will be excited when they hear their Wags West dog walker come down the hallway or even up the elevator.

The FurKid Company

dog walkers in manhattan

Source: Facebook/TheFurKidCo

“I cannot say enough good things about Beth and her team at the FurKid Co. We have been using them to walk our Shiba Inu for the past four years and due to a move, have had a few different walkers – they have all been AMAZING to our somewhat quirky little Shiba. She definitely needs a little bit of extra love – shy, timid – and Beth and her team has gone above and beyond to make Emi feel safe with them. They are responsive (and every email is refreshingly happy), responsible, and most of all – everyone Beth employs truly loves animals. The few walkers we used all made us feel like our dog was in such good hands while we were at work. When we first got our dog, the dog walking decision did not come lightly – letting someone into your home, then trusting them with your animal is a huge decision – and FurKid Co. comes HIGHLY recommended!” – Kendra R.

The FurKid Company is comprised of a team of friends who are all animal lovers. They provide private dog walks, as well as buddy walks that pair your dog up with the perfect partner. They also offer sibling walks adding a second dog from the same household for just an additional $5 per walk. If your dog is the shy and timid type, you’ll notice an improvement in your dog’s walking and demeanor with the help of The FurKid Company. Expect wonderful notes after your dog’s walk complete with videos and pictures. Their adorable, thorough and personal emails with details of the walk will brighten your day. With these, dog walkers, you can tell they really care.

Paws on Pine

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Source: Facebook/pawsonpine

“Heather runs a tight ship. All my dealings with the Paws on Pine crew have been great. This was my first time using a dog walking service and I wasn’t sure what to expect. PoP set a high bar. Firstly, the service is completely reliable. I work from home quite a bit and our dog walker Jen always arrived at the requested time. Consistency is a big deal when you have a nervous Chihuahua and Jen took the time to introduce Pepper to her stand-in when she was going on vacation. Finally, PoP was really flexible and was always able to work Pepper into the schedule, even when, on a couple of occasions, I was able to give only short notice. All in all, Pepper enjoyed her private walks with Jen and was always really happy to see her. I’d recommend this service to pet owners in Downtown Manhattan.” – Lisa M.

These pet specialists are born and bred New Yorkers who know their way around some of the best and safest areas for dog walking in Lower Manhattan, including paths on the East and West sides. Paws on Pine are professional, flexible, responsible, and genuine animal lovers that provide your dog with the care they need. They’re also extremely accommodating when it comes to requesting last-minute walks.

Swifto Dog Walking

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Source: Facebook/swiftodogs

“I love Swifto! Doruk, our walker, always goes above and beyond for our little guy J.B. – everything from giving him a Kong we’ll leave in the freezer to cleaning his paws when it’s muddy out. He will even bring in packages left for us too, which is just a nice touch. Scheduling from the app is great and super easy (because who wants to pick up the phone these days), and I love the daily photos and personalized messages. Even the folks at the office are great, I lost my keys once and was able to stop by and pick up the spare they had 🙂 Would recommend them to anyone.” – Colleen E.

These professional dog walkers in Manhattan are super high-tech. They provide GPS-tracked dog walks through an app that sends you text notifications when the dog walks begin and end, pictures of your dog along the way, and maps displaying the routes taken by your dog and their dog walker. You don’t have to worry about these guys. Swifto dog walkers are carefully screened, hand-picked, and trained. They’re all experienced with dogs, college-educated, insured and bonded, as well as background checked. Your pup will be in safe, caring, and loving hands.

Over to You

How do you know you’ve found the perfect professional dog walkers in Manhattan for you and your pup? Well, the perfect dog walkers really, really love dogs. You can almost say that they’re obsessed. They’ll find everything your dog does simply amazing.

They’ll also have rave reviews from previous customers. Check out some of their testimonials and what others have to say about their services. Good dog walkers will make payments and bookings a breeze. They’ll keep you up to date with notes and photos throughout the day.

Every dog’s personality is special and unique—some are shy, others are bursting with energy. Finding a dog walker whose temperament jives with your dog is the most important thing.