You walk your dog around the city streets, and they almost dislocate your shoulder pulling on the leash. They go crazy at the sight of another dog. They nib at your fit, or won’t go potty outside. Is this your dog? An unruly, ill-mannered pup can be quite frustrating.

Training helps your dog lead a good quality of life. There are plenty of benefits to a well-trained dog: It builds their confidence, creates a stronger bond with your dog, helps you communicate with them, and it could save your dog’s life. Training can get them to safely return to you in many situations.

Since it’s National Train Your Dog Month, we at Ketunpet present to you the 5 top dog trainers in Manhattan for 2018. These dog trainers are tried and true. In no particular order, keep reading for some of the highest-rated dog trainers around the area.

1. Instinct Dog Behavior & Training

Source: Facebook/instinctdogtrainingnyc

A happy customer says:

They showed us exactly what to do on daily walks to work on remaining aggression issues and gave us tons of useful tips during the in-home follow-up visit.

B A.

Take your pick between a private setting or obedience and behavior-issues training at their facility. If your dog lacks confidence or is reactive, they’ll be able to learn basic manners and learn how to overcome these setbacks during the sessions.

What’s amazing is that Instinct Dog Behavior & Training uses helper pups as aids to the trainers. These amazing “helper” pups are rescues and will be extremely patient with your best friend. They set a great example, teaching dogs how to socialize, walk, and be obedient.

2. Andrea Arden Dog Training

Source: Facebook/andreaardendogtraining

What they say about this fantastic trainer:

After 5 weeks of puppy kindergarten, my little puppy will sit, down, stand, and come upon request (using hand signals, the importance of this is explained in class). I prefer to bring my puppy to “kindergarten” because it forces the puppy to learn how to focus on learning, despite being in a room full of puppies. Katrina was our instructor and, as other reviews will attest, she is fantastic.

Kerrie T.

Share your specific training goals with Andrea Arden’s trainers, and they’ll teach your dog to be the best dog they can be. All this is done through reward-based training and positive reinforcement only.

If you’re experiencing behavioral issues, they’re informed, experienced, and patient to help with the problem.

They also specialize in dogs rescued from the shelter, and in puppies and older dogs. Most of their trainers have rescue dogs and know how it’s like to bring home an adopted friend with behavioral issues.

You might have spotted Andrea from any of her numerous public appearances, such as those on The Today Show, Animal Planet’s “Pet Expert,” Dateline, 20/20, The View, and more.

With her experience and knowledge, she has penned books, including Dog-Friendly Dog Training, Train Your Dog the Lazy Way Barron’s Dog Training Bible, and The Little Book of Dog Tricks. She has also been recognized as the best dog trainer in New York by New York, Time Out, W, and others.

3. Yuruani Olguin Dog Training

Source: Facebook/nycdogtraining

Another customer finds this trainer great:

Yuruani was amazing. My 3-year-old boxer mix was having issues with other dogs and had anxiety when men would enter our home. After only 3 visits I could notice a difference. My dog felt more comfortable around other dogs and now knows commands when people enter our home. She was great!!

Ramsey D.

If you’re worried about your dog undergoing harsh training methods, don’t be. Yuruani is extremely knowledgeable on effective and humane training methods. She is patient and speaks with a kind voice.

She’ll teach you all the tips and tricks in a calm manner, and it works! Your puppy will be excellent with their basic commands and get better on the leash in no time. What’s the end result? You’ll have the most friendly, affectionate, well-behaved puppy you’ll ever encounter.

4. Shelby Semel Dog Training

Source: Facebook/Shelby Semel-Dog Training

What they say about their wonderful staff:

Getting Brisket into early training and socialization with Shelby was so worth it. We learned simple commands and got to ask questions about any training issues we were having. I am clear that without Shelby and her wonderful staff, Brisket would not be as far along with his obedience and socialization. Thanks, Shelby!! We plan to take many more classes with you. Tricks class, here we come!!

Stephanie E.

Shelby Semel Dog Training lets you schedule private sessions to tackle more personalized issues that you didn’t have the chance to cover in puppy class.

Your dog will be able to learn basic commands, and more, and you can ask any questions about training issues you’re experiencing.

The hour-long class is based on a syllabus where every week, your buddy will learn something new. They also send you review notes and homework which is key.

Your best friend will also have plenty of time for fun, playtime, and socialization offered during a timeout from the class. The trainer observes each puppy’s personality before grouping them together.

5. Lauren’s Leash

dog trainers in manhattan

Source: Facebook/LaurensLeash

A customer raves about Lauren’s Leash:

We learned about Lauren’s Leash from our vet. Not only is Lauren a gifted dog trainer, she is also highly knowledgeable about canine behavioral psychology. She gets results incredibly quickly and is training our puppy (and us) with enormous success…and our puppy adores her. Absolutely the best!

Gerald W.

Group dog training classes can be awesome, but more often than not, the results stay behind in the classroom. Instead, Lauren’s Leash trains your dog where they need to behave their best—wherever that may be. She offers two packages: She either teaches you how to train your dog, or she trains your dog for you.

She’ll also send you detailed notes through email after every training, along with pictures and videos. She uses only positive reinforcement and helps give your dog confidence in themselves to conquer their fears and anxieties.

Over to You

When deciding on a dog trainer in Manhattan, ask your trainer a few questions.

There is no regulation in dog training, so it’s important for them to be transparent about their activities. Jean Donaldson of the Academy for Dog Trainers suggests going for the transparency challenge.

Ask your dog trainer these three question about the ways in which they train your dog. If you’re not happy with the answers, keep looking.

  1. What exactly will happen to my dog when they get it right?
  2. What exactly will happen when they get it wrong?
  3. Are there any less invasive alternatives to what you propose?

The most important factor to consider is whether your trainer uses reward-based dog training methods, otherwise known as positive reinforcement, humane, or force-free training methods.

Dog training can be quite difficult and requires skill and knowledge.

Dog trainers need to have good timing. They should be able to be in tune with the dog’s body language, plus they need to know the technical information or understand the learning theory. They also need to have amazing people skills to properly instruct dog owners in a way that they can easily grasp.

So, don’t just simply go on their love for dogs. The dog trainer needs to be qualified as well.