There are many different ways you can practice fun outdoor dog exercises with your furry friend. Take them out for a daily walk or romp around the dog parks in Manhattan.

Yes, there are plenty of dog walkers in New York, and you may be incredibly busy. However, if you want to bond with your pup, it’s best to spend time with them yourself. Take an hour off your day to exercise outdoors with your best friend where there are fresh air and sunshine.

Considering a dog walk or run? Keep reading. We recommend a bunch of places where you can spend time outdoors with your canine companion, including the best dog parks and dog-friendly neighborhoods in your area.

The Importance of Outdoor Dog Exercise

Outdoor time is play time for your pups. When they lack enough outdoor activity, it greatly affects their health and behavior. They’ll experience boredom and restlessness, or even become destructive, digging or chewing. They may whine or bark frequently, become over-excitable, or engage in rough play.

Imagine your dog as a young child who needs an outlet for their boundless energy and inquisitive nature. The good news is there is plenty of ways for outdoor dog exercise in Manhattan. Whether you take them for a romp in the nearest dog park, walk with them around the neighborhood, go hiking, or teach them a few tricks outdoors, they’ll love you for it!

See how they light up at the prospect of going outside. It not only strengthens your bond but keeps them at a healthy weight, too.

Socializing at the Local Dog Park

Manhattan parks for dogs are heaven for both owners and their dogs, right? Whoever came up with the idea of a dog park was brilliant, but sometimes dogs (and their humans) just don’t know how to behave.

Situations, if left unchecked, can easily escalate into aggression between two dogs. Attacks or fights can easily be avoided. Dog parks can be the playground of you and your dog’s dreams. Simply pay close attention to the body language of the dog and follow some simple rules of behavior to make it a safe and fun environment for everybody.

Dog parks are a great way to supplement your outdoor dog exercises in Manhattan, but it shouldn’t be your dog’s sole source of exercise or socialization. Make sure you exercise your dog before bringing them to the dog park. This ensures that your dog is well-balanced and socialized before interacting with other dogs (avoiding any possible drama). Exercised dogs are well-behaved dogs.

With that said, here are a few of the nearby dog parks in Manhattan.

Central Park

Central Park Dogs

Source: Rover

This huge preserve is filled with interesting people, vendors, activities, and stunning views. There may be designated times and places, but every dog is welcome. Just make sure they remain leashed within the park. There are, however, up to 23 areas around the park that allow for off-leash play before 9 am and after 9 pm! Enjoy the beautiful dog fountains and meet other dog-lovers for free.

Sirius Dog Run

Located in the Financial District, Sirius dog run was built in remembrance of the brave service dogs that sacrificed their lives during the rescue efforts of 9/11/. This beautiful dog park can be found in Battery Park and provides amenities for dogs and their owners. You’ll encounter plenty of trees for shade and benches for some rest. With a fully-paved dog run, it includes a safe dog wading pool. Plus, it’s a free service.

Madison Square Dog Park Run

Madison Square Dog Park Run

Source: doggoes

Located near Gramercy, The Village Voice named the Madison Square Park Dog Run NYC’s Best Dog Park in 2015. Don’t take their word for it! Just take a look at the joyous barks and wagging tails of the furry friends who visit the parks, and you’ll know why this park is so popular. Enjoy quality time off-the-leash in a clean, open space. They also have a private area for small dogs to play.


Washington Square Dog Run

If you reside anywhere near Greenwich Village, you’ve probably heard of Washington Square, (also known as George’s Dog Run). This pretty park is filled with trees and park benches so you can rest and relax while your pup runs around. Music plays, and there are plenty of people to chat with. They have a Robin Kovary Run for the smaller dogs, which is located near this park, so your little best friend won’t get trampled upon by the bigger dogs. There are a number of activities you can enjoy in this busy dog park for free.

Going on Daily Walks

When your dog is not off-leash running around at the nearest dog park, there is another way they can get outdoor dog exercise in Manhattan. For example, you can give them a good ‘ol dog walk.

You’ve heard the expert advice: you’re supposed to walk your dog at least once a day. However, studies show that 20% of us don’t do daily walks with our dogs.

To get you motivated and going, here are a few of the best dog-friendly neighborhoods in the area.

Battery Park City

Located in Lower Manhattan, this small, contained community has plenty of walkways and lawns that make even quick walks enjoyable for both you and your dog. What’s more, Battery Park City is located beside the Hudson River Park and Rockefeller Park, providing wide promenades and excellent views of the New Jersey skyline and Hudson River.

West Village

West Village is simply one of the most picturesque dog-friendly neighborhoods in all of Manhattan. There are numerous dog runs and easy access to the stunning Hudson River Park, making it as awesome for dogs as it is for humans.

Upper East Side

Upper East Side

Source: BringFido

As it’s two or three blocks from the beautiful Central Park, the Upper East Side is the perfect place to walk your dogs. On the upper eastern corner of the Upper East Side, there’s the Carl Schurz Park. It has one of the most popular dog runs and an attractive promenade overlooking the East River. There are also pet stores and services lining the commercial strips on Lexington, Third, First, and Second Avenues for all your needs.

Over to You

Owning a dog in Manhattan is great, with plenty of activities and sights to see! You may not have the time, but setting aside a couple of hours per day to walk your dog or allow them to run free outside is definitely worth it.

It’s not only great exercise for you but an awesome way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your dog as well. Astonishingly, more than half of U.S. dogs are overweight or obese according to a May 2014 survey by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.

Outdoor dog exercise in Manhattan is fun, energizing, and refreshing, with among the best dog parks and dog-friendly neighborhoods around. After some quality time with your pup, your bond will be stronger than ever. As a bonus, they’ll owe you plenty of sloppy, wet kisses.