Grabbing a few drinks at the bar is a fun way to spend your time on a weekend or relax after a long day at work.

Wouldn’t it be a lot more enjoyable, though, if you could bring your dog? You’re probably thinking that it would be awesome if you could down a few drinks, while simultaneously bonding with your dog, and sharing that experience together. Life is simply better with your best friend beside you.

Good news, Manhattan dog-lovers! The area is loaded with a number of bars that’ll let guests go for a brew and meal with their canine companions. Here are some dog-friendly bars in Manhattan that we think you should check out.

The Growler Bites & Brews

 The Growler NYC - dog-friendly bars in Manhattan

Source: Facebook/TheGrowlerNYC

“One of the few establishments serving food in FiDi late night! I usually go once a week to get a post workout meal and have never been let down with their food. Very hefty serving portions and friendly bar staff to boot.

Try their summer shandies with your meal and you’ll be all set. Definitely check out their basement bar the Underdog while you’re there as well.” – Paul C.

The Growler is a huge fan of dogs. Just have a look at the walls covered in pictures of all kinds of dogs. Sip on one of the sumptuous American brews on tap with your dog when the outdoor seating area is open during warmer months.

Who’d have thought that there’s a nice and cool enough bar in the Financial District you can hit up with your dog by your side?

Not all dog-friendly bars in Manhattan cater to you and your dog’s every need, but this is one of the ones that actually do! Their outdoor space is great for the spring and summer, and they have loads of fun cocktails. They even offer an unlimited make-your-own Bloody Mary for $15 with plenty of toppings and garnishes for a fun and funky drink.

It’s a cool place for you and your dog to chill, with an impressive selection of craft beers and food. It’s hard to find a place in the neighborhood, like The Growler, that actually serves food past 12mn!

Yuca Bar and Restaurant

 Yuca Bar - dog-friendly bars in Manhattan

Source: Facebook/yucabar

Above all, great atmosphere and friendly staff. We posted up at the bar and the bartender made sure our glasses we constantly full. Since we aren’t from the area, he was great at giving us recommendations as we embarked out for the rest of our day in the village.” – Emily G.

Yuca, the perfect morning brunch spot, is a roaring bar by night. Always a great choice for the East Village dog lovers, their outdoor seating area is the place to hang out with your hound. You can even drop by the awesome dog park right across the street after chilling at Yuca.

Order from their delectable food menu and share! Their portions are huge and let everyone at the table have a taste. Also, their sangrias are strong but deliciously awesome! Full of fruit, take your pick of white or red sangria. (A pitcher is only $19 during happy hour!)

At Yuca, there’s always something new and tasty to find on the menu.

Deweys Pub

Deweys Pub - dog-friendly bars in Manhattan

Source: Facebook/deweyspubny

“Dropped by before Billy Joel concert. Right around the corner from the Garden. The veggie burger was what other veggie burgers try to taste like. I usually like meat burnt on fire. This was incredible. A must try. Also had Portobello Burger. Fantastic. Pretzel rolls were unique. A must try was the Vanilla Old Fashion. Jennifer was the waitress who had excellent suggestions.” – Dave C.

Deweys Pubs is among the dog-friendly bars in Manhattan with a fantastic selection of handcrafted beverages. Only a block from the Madison Square Garden, frequent Deweys for your next group event, a few drinks to cap off a long day, or a great lunch out or dinner with friends. It’s a place in Midtown you know you can always go to with your dog in tow for amazing food and outstanding service.

This upscale sports bar/restaurant has outdoor seating, but its interiors has a lovely atmosphere as well. With plenty of TVs broadcasting sports events, you’ll never miss a game again!

Billymark’s West

Bill Marks - dog-friendly bars in Manhattan

Source: Facebook/Billy Marks West Inc

“Classic NYC dive bar. As other dives seem to shutter every day, Billymark’s stands alone. No fancy booze here, but beer and shot specials aplenty. I got a beer and a shot of Absolut for like $8. Pool and darts readily accessible.

It’s not crowded, and there are always characters around. Have fun.” – Yan T.

Stop by this spectacular old-school dive bar either at the beginning or end of your evening. With good beer, reasonably low prices, a chill vibe, and some jazz on the jukebox, what else can you ask for?

Drinks are strong and cheap, and patrons are as relaxed and natural as they can be. Food isn’t served, though, so bring some snacks for Fido. When you’re at Billymark’s West, make sure to get the $8 beer and shot combo.

The Bull & Beer Garden

The Bull & Beer Garden - dog-friendly bars in Manhattan

Source: Yelp

“As a hotel inspired by our downtown Manhattan locale, we love being a second home or even a backyard to our guests. Welcoming their furry friends is how we embrace our neighbors.” – Parvaneh Miller, director of sales and marketing at The Bull & Beer Garden

This establishment is among the dog-friendly bars in Manhattan that are filled with dog lovers. This fancy Financial District hotel is just two blocks from the New York Stock Exchange. It’s the perfect place to stay while in town for business, or drop by after a long day on the job. (The hotel is pet-friendly, too!)

For your furry friend, Bull & Beer Garden hosts Bark Hour every Wednesday where you are rewarded with dog treats for your pup and the pricing of pretzels and beers are reduced to $4 and $5.

If you’re a visitor staying at the hotel, they provide a pet program that includes three pet toys you can keep, a doggie bed, a jar of gourmet treats, two bowls, and the option to pamper your dog at The Salty Paw Doggie Groom Spa.

Over to You

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could take your four-legged companion out with you, wherever you go? Spending time with your dog is one of the better things in life.

Taking them with you eliminates the guilt of leaving them at home all alone for an extended amount of time. They’ll also get to enjoy plenty of petting, hugging, and playing while out, which they absolutely love.

Although there are fewer bars nowadays that open their doors to dogs, you can still take your pick from a number of great dog-friendly bars in Manhattan that’ll welcome your furry friend with open arms. We also recently wrote about the top 8 dog-friendly restaurants in Manhattan.

You and your pup will be a joy to folks at the bar. Just make sure that your dog is reasonably well-behaved and trained, and that they’re used to a noisy and semi-crowded environment so that everything goes smoothly and everyone will have a great time.