Dog daycare is no joke. As a New Yorker with a pup, you expect no less than a safe and secure place that encourages activity and socialization.

Perhaps, you’re even looking for a 5-star dog spa and hotel that’ll provide moisturizing facials for your canine companion while you’re out.

You want your little friend to come home well-balanced, happy and content from plenty of playtime with their buddies (whether it’s with the daycare staff or other members of the paw patrol). A good dog daycare can positively modify the behavior of dogs, particularly those with separation anxiety.

Unfortunately, many working folks end up spending more time at their desk than with their dogs. Although a daily walk with a professional dog walker will help with your dog’s bladder and bowels, alone time for up to 12 hours a day is depressing for any social animal.

There are plenty of well-run dog daycare in Manhattan that’ll boost your pup’s happiness, and that’ll help with your guilt.

So, we at Ketunpet picked out five of the top dog daycare in Manhattan. In no particular order, here are the highest-rated dog daycare centers nearby.

1. NY Tails


Source: Facebook/newyorktails

A happy customer says:

The dog daycare services are also the best we have seen in Manhattan so far. The low-cost pick up and drop off is extremely convenient and the dogs actually get to play outside instead of in a doggy prison. I just hope that we are able to find a dog service in our new neighborhood that is at least half as good as NY Tails.

Victor S.

New York Tails has been serving their customers as a licensed and bonded pet sitter for over 10 years.

What more can you hope for as a pet parent than the comfort of knowing that your babies will be in good hands whenever you can’t be with them?

They send reports (with photos) of walks and other activities through an app. They always provide quick feedback on how your pup is doing. And if ever something seems amiss, they’ll contact you immediately. They also have an online system for booking which makes everything a breeze!

2. New York Dog Spa & Hotel

Source: TimeOut

What they say about this daycare option:

I could go on for pages about how much I love New York Dog Spa. I had tried other local daycares prior to going there, and nothing even begins to compare. Frances the owner is exceptional in every way, and so is the entire staff – Leo’s tail starts wagging like a helicopter no matter who it is that greets us on any given day.

He is a rescue and has some anxiety about new people, places, things etc, but not about NY Dog Spa. And, in the year and a half since I’ve been taking him there, he has become so much more trusting with people and other dogs. I believe that he is more trusting of people across the board now **because** of the amazing people he regularly interacts with at NY Dog Spa.

Julia Z.

If you work irregular hours and need a dog daycare in Manhattan stat, then New York Dog Spa & Hotel is for you. They’re available every day, from 7 am to 10 pm.

Your dog, whether big or small, will have fun and be safe, with plenty of human attention and canine companionship.

There’s enough room to run around, and they have separate floors for large and small dogs. Your dog gets one individual walk for free as part of their dog daycare services.

3. New York Dog Nanny


Source: newyorkdognanny

What they say about this luxurious option:

I love NYDN – I’ve been coming here pretty much since it opened (over 4 years?!), and it’s great. Cynthia and staff are always super nice and genuinely care about my dog. They are SUPER accommodating with last minute boarding/daycare and are always flexible. A little expensive, but how can you put a price on happiness? Wyatt always loves going to NYDN – and I’ve been to other daycares and this is the best!

Cecile L.

If you prefer something more luxurious, New York Dog Nanny offers a boutique oasis for your dogs to socialize. No matter what age, your pup will get to enjoy the only 2nd-floor dog daycare in Manhattan, overlooking exciting Lexington Ave. They’ll get hours of natural sunlight from their tall 16-foot window with plenty of toys, pals, and couches to lounge on.

They also offer a pickup/drop off service within a 10-block radius. Each day of daycare includes an afternoon walk, lunchtime feeding for puppies, a temperature controlled room, ionized filtered air, alkaline purified water, plus Eco-Pee Pads in each room.

They send plenty of photos to keep you updated and address all of your questions and concerns prior to your pup’s stay. They also provide cage-free overnights which are a huge help for anxiety-prone pooches.

4. D is for Doggy

Source: Facebook/DisforDoggy

A dog lover rates this daycare option five stars:

My toy terrier Yorkie loves staying here when we go away for a long weekend or just play with his friends for few hours during the weekend. Staff is extremely friendly and the majority of them are pet owners. There are always many small dogs here so your pet will never be in the playroom by itself. Five stars!

Olga B.

D is for Doggy uses webcams, so you can check on your dog throughout the day. Their daycare is cozy, safe, and full of love. Your pup will feel right at home. They have three different playrooms tailored to your dog’s specific temperament and size.

They’re safe and taken care of at all times because you’ll find that someone is always with the dogs. They do require that your dog has all the vaccinations for admission as well as the basics on most health certificates. This simply ensures that your buddy stays clean and healthy during their stay.

Oh, and they have cage-free playrooms. Did I mention the backyard? Yup, they have an 800 sq. foot backyard that is well-supervised. Try their complimentary 3-hour playdate for free!

5. Happy Dogs at Stuyvesant Town

Source: happydogsnyc

A dog lover recommends:

Our pup has been going to Happy Dogs for the past 3 years every weekday and loves it! He is best friends will all the staff and loves being around other dogs. He is a high energy breed and day care helps keep him active and entertained! Happy Dogs’ staff is “paw-some” and always keep us up to date on how our little prince is doing. Highly recommend!

Jason R.

The supervisors of Happy Dogs at Stuyvesant Town know not only how to handle individual dogs, but dogs in a pack as well. All of their dogs have passed a thorough behavior assessment test, so be assured that your dog will be socializing with other happy, healthy, and well-behaved dogs.

Their space is in a comfortable temperature and air-conditioned all year round, with plenty of fresh water for your dog at all times. They run a super clean place, and when a dog “goes”, they clean it up within 30 seconds or less on the spot. Your dog will be able to enjoy an outdoor patio if they like basking in the sun. And if you’re too busy, they can drop off and pick up your dog from your home between 9 am to noon and from 5 pm to 7 pm.

Watch how much fun your pup is having on their live web cams from your computer or mobile phone.

Over to You

Before deciding on a dog daycare in Manhattan, ask about safety certifications. They should be knowledgeable in responding to health emergencies and be able to offer basic first aid to your four-legged buddy. Check to see whether they maintain a clean space, and prepare for an evaluation to see how your pup reacts in certain situations. Don’t forget to ask what’s included and what a typical day is like.

Have you tried any of these dog daycare centers? Let us know about your experience in the comments section below!