Have you ever noticed your dog giving you sad puppy eyes whenever you head out of the door?

It’s tough leaving your best bud for an extended amount of time. However, you have a busy schedule. You may need to fulfill prolonged hours at work that drastically reduce the time that could be spent with your dog.

You don’t have to feel guilty or worry about whether they are being well-taken care of. Finding the perfect dog daycare in Brooklyn for your pup ensures that they’re well supervised and have a blast during the day. They’ll come home tired and happy from playing with all of their new buddies at daycare!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top dog daycare centers in Brooklyn that’ll have your dog excited and raring to go every time.

Your Spoiled Pets

Source: Your Spoiled Pets

“Great little neighborhood spot with a fantastic puppy playground. Clearly full of non-human family members running around the ramps and jumps…much better than small cages. Free-range puppy sitting!

And when I was there recently and complaining about no ink in my printer for concert tickets, they gladly opened up their computer and printed my tickets for me. Happy pets…happy humans!” – J P.

This full-service dog daycare in Brooklyn offers dog walking, boarding, sitting, and training services, too. If you want a daycare company with a staff that truly loves and cares for animals, has a strong history and great reputation, then try out Your Spoiled Pets.

Bring home a tired and happy dog after a day spent on their playgrounds. These guys encourage plenty of play and movement for your dog. They welcome all kinds of dogs, from shy and outgoing to cute puppies and senior dogs.

Located in East Williamsburg, their doggy loft offers an amazing street view and a special spot for afternoon sunbathing. They also have a doggy lounge, open play area, built-in dog house, and countless activities. The entire area is separated by floor-to-ceiling glass so spectators can have a look at what’s going on in every area.

They also value time outdoors for your dog, so your pup gets a daily walk outside at no extra cost!

Monster Mutt Doggie Day Care

Source: Facebook

“Our dog Spoon is a regular at Monster Mutt. Like a little kid she at first feels some separation anxiety, but she adjusts every time super fast and makes a ton of furry friends. They do a good job of communicating with us to let us know how she’s doing, and we can keep tabs on her through their Instagram account. The folks at MM are very easy about taking care of any special dietary or medical restrictions so our pup is kept healthy and safe. Plus she always comes back smelling good bc they give her a bath!” – David R.

Dogs have been having a great time at this dog daycare in Brooklyn since 2001. Even if your dog is senior or more mellow, they’ll love his time spent playing and socializing with their new best pals. If ever they do need to relax and rest, they’ll find plenty of cozy spots.

Don’t worry about the safety of your dog. All of the dogs in daycare are supervised by experienced and trained professionals who happen to be dog lovers. They offer a cage-free, indoor doggy playground.

Your dog will enjoy snacks, love, and attention. And whatever your pups special needs may be, they’d be happy to provide them with individualized care, including special feeding schedules, midday naps, or giving of medicine.


Source: Facebook

“I am so happy I found Housebroken. They are incredibly friendly, responsive and professional. But most importantly, they take wonderful care of my dog. It’s a great feeling knowing I never have to worry, my dog will always be looked after and taken care of, no matter how short or long I am away.” – Rachel K.

This locally-owned and established dog daycare in Brooklyn has over 17 years of experience. They offer dog-sitting services within your home or at one of their employee’s homes. They even maintain your dog’s daily walk and feeding routines.

They also provide puppy visits if your pup is under 6 months old. These visits include fresh water, a potty break, feeding, and plenty of playtime. They’ll reinforce their housebreaking and basic obedience training. If you prefer, they can pair your puppy with another playful pup to aid in developing their socialization skills.

Buddy’s Dog Den

Source: Buddy’s Dog Den

“Buddy’s is the ONLY place I will board my dogs or take them to for daycare. Their staff is so great and supportive and I KNOW they take great care of my dogs because they’re always excited to go! I seriously will not board my dogs ANYWHERE else and I travel pretty frequently, they are the only people I trust with my dogs! Their Instagram is also SO adorable, and they do wonderful grooming.” – Danielle S.

Buddy’s Dog Den is a dog daycare in Brooklyn that’ll be your lil buddy’s home away from home. They’ll play, bond with, and find new best friends in a safe, supervised environment.

They’ll love the large sunny dog runs, temperature-controlled sunroom (for those rainy days), and the full backyard with agility equipment for mental stimulation. They also offer cage-free boarding for overnight guests, with 24-hour supervision to ensure their comfort and safety and give them plenty of attention.

Park Slope Pups

Source: Park Slope Pups

“We could not ask for more amazing people to care for our pup Bailey every week! We’ve been with Park Slope Pups for almost a year and they are the most reliable sitters we’ve had! Bailey is almost as attached to Illana as she is to us and when we say she’s going to daycare in the morning she happily trots to the door! Most importantly we trust Illana immensely with our small young puppy who she treats like her own. We HIGHLY recommend Illana!” – Marissa T.

This dog daycare in Brooklyn cares for your dog and offers them the same love and care you would. Schedule their daycare services occasionally, a few days a week, or even from Monday to Friday.

They also offer house sitting and dog boarding. They only board and care for a few dogs at a time, ensuring your pup gets ample attention and playtime. They’ll also walk your dog for up to 4 hours daily!

Over to You

Before booking an appointment with a dog daycare in Brooklyn, make sure you have all the papers with your pups medical history is ready, and that your dog is vaccinated. Ask them about their safety certifications in case of a health emergency. They should know how to respond and provide basic first aid to your best friend. Don’t forget to ask about what’s included in their services.

Picking the right dog daycare is an extremely important decision. You want your pooch to be well taken care of and in the best hands possible.