You just brought home a new dog. You may have gotten them from the local shelter or as a gift from a loved one. How exciting!

Just imagine all the walks in the park you’ll have, games of fetch you’ll play, or sessions on the couch spent cuddling.

Whether they’re an adult dog or cute lil’ pup, loving and bonding with your furry friend are important parts of the human-pet relationship.

As a pet owner, you’ll want to establish that bond with your dog as soon as possible. Keep reading to help you create a strong and meaningful relationship.

Puppy Love and Bond: What’s the Difference?

At first, it may be awkward. But don’t worry. The love between a dog and their human develops naturally.

Pretty soon, your canine companion will leap at you joyfully when you arrive home at the end of the day and snuggle up to you at night.

A deep bond with your dog, on the other hand, adds to the love. When a dog is well-bonded to you, you trust and respect each other. It’s what holds you both together, like glue.

You want to be partners, and for your pet to have manners or attentively listen to you during training.

Here are a few activities you can enjoy with your furry pal to fast-track your bonding.

Feed them by Hand

In the beginning, your dog may not know you well. They may exhibit shy or fearful behaviors. Hand feeding is great because it turns mealtime into a social activity, as well as builds confidence and trust. What a great way to strengthen that bond with your dog!

Have your dog eat healthy meals out of your hand every once in awhile. You can choose the frequency. Some like hand feeding their pups majority of their meals, and others do it twice a week.

This way, they easily begin focusing more on you. All that extra interaction makes training easier. You’ll be developing their discipline and helping them with their manners.

Take It Easy on Their First Day


Every dog exhibits a different personality. Some just take awhile to warm up to new surroundings and people. They usually have an adjustment period when placed in a different environment.

Practicing patience with your dog may be one of the first things you need to do. So, before you show them around and do loads of fun and exciting ways to bond, you’ll want to slow it down a bit, especially if your dog is the shy type. Some dogs are bouncy and excited, open to new things, right off the bat.

So, if your dog displays signs of fear or shyness, allow them some time to check out their new family and home. You may want to introduce your new family member to everyone on the first day but avoid doing that if they’re stressed or fearful.

Learn to Read Your New Dog

Closely monitor their body movements and behavior to read signals about the way their feeling, and know how to react to them. Have no idea about how to read your dog? Check out this great guide by ASPCA. Whether your dog is scared, excited, or playful, it’s essential to be in tune with what your dog is feeling and the way they react to the surroundings.

Take them out for a Walk

Let your canine companion get a better feel for the neighborhood by putting on your walking shoes. Strolling around the neighborhood is not only the perfect way for them to get comfortable to his surroundings, but to get some exercise with your dog as well.

Play with Your Dog

This is probably the most fun way to bond with your new dog. Interact with some new toys or by playing with them. Try starting with a simple game of fetch or chase. Start by rolling a toy around, and notice the way they react. If they seem uninterested, try chasing the toy yourself and show them how to have fun!

Here are a few fun games to play:

  • Find the treat
  • Tug-of-war
  • Frisbee

Train Your Dog

Bond with dog

Dogs love being stimulated mentally. Your dog constantly watches and learns from you. They hone in on your body movement more than on what you say. Try to be conscious of every movement you make.

Teach them a new trick, do a little obedience training, take them on daily walks, or some other form of training. Just make sure that the experience is positive for them.

Show Your Pup Some Extra Love

Pay some more attention when you pet your pup. They can feel the conscious adoration, just like a human.

Instead of mindlessly zoning out while petting, place a little extra effort on those belly rubs. Your dog will love it for sure.

Know What Your Dog Likes

Each dog has their own personality, just like us.

Some prefer a romp in the park, alone time, or to snuggle with you. Another dog might love a game of fetch, while others will try their hardest at obedience training. Also, what kind of affection does your dog enjoy?

Knowing your dog’s preferences will help them live their best life, and they’ll know that they can trust you completely.

Feed Them Healthy, Delicious Food

Shower them with love and care through their meals. Make them wag their tails from sheer happiness through a healthy and nutritious diet.

Dogs are focused on and aware of those who feed them. And as you are the purveyor of a full tummy and nourishment, it establishes an immediate bond with them.

Making sure that those meals are nutritious is so that you and your pup can enjoy a longer bond together living life in optimum health and fitness.

Every nutrient in your dog’s food is essential. Without the proper nutrition, your dog will fail to fight off infection, maintain muscle tone, build and repair teeth, muscles, and bones, go about their day-to-day activities with ease. They won’t have energy left for bonding sessions, like playing fetch or a rigorous round of obedience training!

Take a close look at their nutritional intake. Is it enough to keep your dog happy and healthy? Switch to the healthiest option through a vegan diet for dogs.

Why not go from a meat-based diet to a vegan dog food brand, like Ketunpet?

It provides a complete and balanced diet. This means all necessary vitamins and minerals are already included. You won’t have to feed your pet additional food or supplements for your pet’s general health.

Over to You

There you have it, easy and simple ways to show love and bond with your new buddy.

Congratulations on your new addition to the family!

Bond with your new pup by showing them love and care through patience, fun games, walks, and good feeding habits.

Keep in mind: Mostly, the getting-to-know you process is quick with puppies, but may take a little longer with older dogs.

That bond will be the foundation of mutual trust, respect, and love. Once you break the ice, both of you will be best friends forever in no time.