You strive to live a conscious, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle.

That is why you’re considering vegan dog food for your furry friend.

You want what’s best for your pup or adult dog, just like what’s best for you. That includes the nutritional intake of your pet.

You’re exploring which dog food options are best. You’ve heard the saying: You are what you eat. The same goes for dogs.

Here are a few reasons why you should forego the common animal-based dog food and switch to a plant-based diet for your dog, instead.

Facts About Your Dog’s Food

Keep your dog in their optimal health with vegan dog food, and save yourself a fortune on vet bills. Learn about a few hard truths about your dog’s diet that you should know.

Not All Dog Foods Are Nutritious

Dogs and humans have around 75% of the same genetic makeup, meaning our bodies require the same nutritional needs. Regular dog food can be the equivalent of “junk food” or “fast food” for people. This type of food as a big diet component can cause major health problems in people. Think of the damage it can do to your dog, as well.

Be Careful of Non-Vegan Dog Food Quality

It’s actually legal for meat-based processed dog food to contain “4-D” meat. Wondering what that means? It’s meat from dead, dying, disabled, and diseased animals. Otherwise, roadkill.

The grain it contains may actually be sawdust and other ingredients are likely to contain high levels of pesticide.

Some Common Foods Are Dangerous to Canine health

Some food common to humans can be extremely dangerous to the health of our pups. For example, cooked bones and rawhide chews can cause you to rush them to the hospital for emergency surgery. Other dangerous foods are alcoholic beverages, apricot pits, chocolate, candy, coffee, and garlic.

Do a quick search online to find out whether a certain snack or food is good for your dog. If you’re unsure, you may quickly refer to the graphic below:

spBenefits of Vegan Dog Food

Source: Patch

Common Illnesses Impacted by Nutrition

Vegan dog food allows your dog to have a complete, balanced, nutritious, and wholesome diet. In short, it’s super healthy good food for them. If you fail to feed your canine companion a proper diet, they may fall victim to these types of illnesses:


Over 50% of dogs in America are obese. Obesity leads to a whole host of problems, and these dogs are more prone to diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

Take a closer look at the calorie and fat levels in your dog’s food. An overabundance of both can cause obesity. Search for a proper dog diet limiting calories and fats, such as vegetables for dogs, to help trim down an overweight dog or live a healthier lifestyle.

Bladder Stones

Talk to your veterinarian if you think your dog is suffering from bladder stones. They will be able to recommend food that’ll help dissolve the stone, or surgery to remove it. They can also provide a special diet that can help avoid the formation of bladder stones.


Jennifer Coates, DVM says, “In dogs, dietary fat is known to be associated with the development of pancreatitis and can stimulate the secretion of a hormone that induces the pancreas to secrete its digestive hormones.

Those digestive enzymes break down proteins and fat in organs, including the pancreas.

If your pet already happens to have pancreatitis, Dr. Coates advises a bland dog diet that is easily digestible and low in fat.

Heart Disease

Dogs that are being fed table scraps or that have diets high in sodium are at risk of heart disease. Discuss with your vet about your dog’s meal plan and how your pet may benefit from a healthy vegan diet for dogs that is lower in sodium.


If your dog is suffering from diarrhea, Dr. Coates recommends,”…a high fiber diet has been shown to be beneficial. Ideally, both soluble fiber (the type colonic bacteria use for food) and insoluble (indigestible) fiber should be included.”

We at Ketunpet used to feed animal-based meal formulations to our pets, as well, but we wanted a better alternative.

We know that most of you want better nutrition with better ingredients for your life and your beloved pets, too. So, that’s how we started to explore the pet food industry, and create our own formula.

Benefits of Vegan Dog Food

We did extensive research and invested time and resources to develop a more conscious, cruelty-free, healthy vegan dog food brand. Ketunpet believes that food should be the first medicine and that this kind of nutrition is perfectly possible and healthier.

Stop Animal Cruelty

Processed, meat-based dog food manufacturers often engage in laboratory testing wherein animals are being subjected to invasive tests. In 2003, an undercover PETA investigator documented dreadful footage within a feeding trial laboratory commissioned by pet food industry giants. The footage displays sick, suffering, and neglected cats and dogs forced to be confined to small cages.

Millions of animals worldwide are also farmed and abused to feed other animals.

Thousands of animals in factory farms are crammed into dirty, windowless sheds. They’re stuffed into metal crates, wire cages, and other torturous devices. These animals have been denied the freedom to frolic, build nests, raise their families or engage in behaviors that are natural to them.

Instead, they’re sent to slaughterhouses without ever seeing the light of day or having a breath of fresh air.

For example, Rabbit meat is being imported for use in pet food. Kieran Harkin, Head of Programmes for Four Paws UK shares, “The keeping of rabbits in small and crowded wire cages is torture for an animal whose natural behavior includes burrowing and feeding on grass. Although rabbits live in family groups they are highly susceptible to disease meaning they are often administered with up to seven times more antibiotics than other factory farmed animals such as chickens.”

Benefits of a Vegan Diet for Dogs

Some of the specific benefits of a vegan diet for dogs can be the following:

  • Boost of the immune system
  • Fewer fleas, ticks, and lice
  • Improved coat
  • Control of allergies
  • Weight control
  • Increased vitality
  • Decreased arthritis
  • Less chance of developing cancer
  • Solves cataracts
  • Reduces the smell of breath and stool
  • Healthy heart

Over to You

Our dogs depend on us to provide them with love, care, and food. Why not give them the best?

You want your pet to live a longer, happier, and a healthier life free of suffering.

Good nutrition isn’t just about the ingredients, though. It’s also about the right balance of nutrients, and that’s what Ketunpet is about.

Ketunpet offers vegan dog food that is cruelty-free and a healthy option for both your puppy or adult dog. It provides them with a complete and balanced meal to ensure they get all the nutrition they need.

A healthy dog is a happy dog, with a longer lifespan, better quality of life, and fewer bills from your local vet.