• Protein Quality

    Our original vegan dog food formulas have great protein quality. The Biological Value (PBV) indicates the percentage of protein that can be  properly used by the body. Our unique foods have a weighted VBP of 65 for the puppies´ food and 60 for the adult dogs, being both of them better that the PBV of the meat and bone meal formulas that there are in the market today.

  • Gluten Free

    Our formulas are free of wheat, cereals and any other ingredient that may contain gluten, for a healthier, happier dog.

  • 0% cholesterol for a healthy heart

    We add taurine to our formula contributing to heart health,  Very important to benefit the vision systems, not an animal bi-product. and always use raw materials free of cholesterol.

  • Weight control, fewer allergies and parasites

    Vegetable oils from corn, peanuts, soybeans, quinoa and chia help control weight and dermatitis, as well as non-proliferation of ectoparasites such as fleas, ticks, lice and other mites. That makes a happy dog.

  • Healthy Digestion

    Natural prebiotics such as yucca schidigera, decrease the concentration of ammonia and fecal odor, while beet pulp and chicory root (high quality fibers) contribute to achieving firm stools for a healthy digestive system.  

    Less odor and easier to pick up stools make a happy owner.

    The addition of yeast and omega 3 and 6 are beneficial for  the immune system.

    Our food reaches high values of protein digestibility, organic matter and provide 81% higher gross energy, which differentiates our food  as a high quality product.

  • Natural flavor and texture

    The flavor we use is designed to make your dog feel a very attractive smoky flavor and appealing smell. It is a mixture of different natural products without using artificial aggregates of any kind. This smell and flavor translates into a tasty croquette for your dog and our specially designed bag preserves the quality and flavor of the product to the last kibble.